Steven Dux: Day Trading Phenom

Steven Dux

A young trader who has quickly emerged as one of the best day traders in the world, Steven Dux has mastered the art of selling short low float stocks, growing his net worth into the millions of dollars in just a few short years…

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    Humble Beginnings

    Steven Dux Trader

    Steven Dux (Xiuxan Du) was born into a poor household in China. His hard-working mother raised him by herself and he only saw his father once a month when he was on weekend leave from the military. As Steven grew up, he watched and admired his mother’s dedication and commitment to make a better life for her family.

    In the beginning, his mother worked long hours and saved enough money over time to be able to start her own shoe business. The shoe business did so well that she was able to expand into hotels, retail, and restaurants. As she became more and more successful, she made a name for herself and everyone knew her around town.

    When Dux was ten years old, his father returned home, and his parents soon had another son. His mother decided to sell most of her businesses to raise her children. She gave the money she made to her husband to invest in real estate, a fast-growing market at that time. He was hugely successful and made approximately $300 million.

    At that time, his family life and school life became more difficult for Dux. His analytical mind caused him to question the rules set by his Asian schools. Because of this, his teachers told the other parents about him, who, in turn, warned their children to stay away from Dux and the possible bad example he might set for them.

    It wasn’t that he was terrible in school, there were subjects he did very well in, such as Chemistry and Physics. He did do poorly in Math and English, mainly because he didn’t enjoy them the way he did the others. Despite having built an amazing garbage can with his friends that automatically recognized whether the trash was recyclable, the adults didn’t care about it because it didn’t make any money. Dux became more and more frustrated with his life.

    A New Start

    Steven Duxi Website

    It was around this time that he began learning about the United States and went to his parents and told them that he wanted to go to school in the United States. “I just had to escape,” he said, “And the only place I wanted to escape to was the U.S.” Luckily, his mother had a friend who lived in Cincinnati, Ohio, who agreed to take him in. Otherwise, his mother never would have gone along with his wishes.

    His high school years were a success, and he adapted to the American culture quickly. During high school, he discovered his love for engineering. “It had become clear since moving to the U.S. that engineering was the major for me,” Dux said, “I liked how it encouraged my curiosity and allowed me to ask questions and figure out new solutions. The whole purpose of engineering is to find the most efficient solution. This came naturally to me.”

    College Days

    He decided to stay in the states and go to the University of Cincinnati and get his engineering degree. However, his University experience didn’t live up to his expectations. His life revolved around his classes and his tedious job as a night doorman for his dorm. Because of this, his frustration returned once again.

    Dux wanted to show everyone that he could be successful like his mother had been. He reached inside himself and found the same resilience and strength his mother had when she built her businesses from scratch. He studied harder and began working out.

    Steven Dux Discovers Trading

    Xiuxan Du

    Around that time, Dux found his passion for trading stocks. His night job was perfect for learning everything he could about his new love. He had the ideal personality for trading stocks, and his analytical mind was put to good use. “It encouraged experimentation and questioning everything. If this works, why? If this doesn’t work, what could I have done better? Each strategy or system I consumed led me to another. I found myself lost down a rabbit hole, discovering new insights and skills every day. My engineering background was put to good use.” Dux said.

    However, his father did not approve and stopped paying his tuition. Dux wanted to prove that he could do it, so he worked hard to save $500, which he invested and made a $300 profit on. Knowing it would infuriate his father, Dux decided to invest his entire $27,000 tuition in penny stocks. Unfortunately, he quickly lost half of it, and fear and self-doubt consumed him.

    He borrowed $10,000 from a friend, promising to pay her 50/50 on whatever profit he made. After learning from Timothy Sykes and Tim Grittani through their Pennystocking Framework and Trading Tickers courses, Dux got his first taste of success as he turned his $27,000 into $60,000 in one month and paid his friend back as promised. He then went on to grow his account into $900,000 over the next nine months. After a few more months, it grew to $1.3 million, and over the next couple of years, it grew to $4.2 million.

    Well-known for meticulously tracking setup patterns and trade statistics through the use of spreadsheets, Dux’s hard work has paid off by giving him a significant edge in the markets. His favorite chart patterns include first red day, dip buying huge panics, and shorting spikes.

    “As an engineer, you strive to make something as efficient as possible. That’s it,” Dux remarked, “My engineering background showed me how to invest because all I cared about was finding the most efficient solution.”

    Steven Dux’s Chart

    Steven Dux

    If you want to keep tabs on his trading performance, you’ll find Steven Dux on Profitly where he has quickly climbed to the top of the community’s leaderboards, logging $5.1 million in verified trading profits. 

    At the moment, he’s currently ranked:

    • #4 for “Biggest $ Winners”
    • #2 for “Top Verified Winners”
    • #7 for “Most Popular Traders”
    • #6 for “Most Believed Traders”
    • #5 for “Most Followed Traders”
    • #6 for “Most Karma’d Traders”
    • #9 for “Most Karma’d Posts”

    MIT Penny Stock Conference Video

    The Freedom Challenge

    Although his friends suggested he move to New York and start an investment firm, Dux decided to take everything he learned, condense it to make it more efficient, and teach others his methods and strategies. The Freedom Challenge was born. Additionally, also offers the following educational resources for traders:

    • Daily Dux – Available as either a monthly or yearly subscription, the Daily Dux membership gives you access to Steven Dux’s watchlist, premium newsletter, and chat room.
    • Trading Techniques – A streaming DVD course for beginners and experienced traders alike, Trading Techniques lays out Dux’s system for trading penny stocks.
    • The Duxinator: High Odds Penny Trading – Another streaming video course that provides additional insights into Steven Dux’s methodology.
    • Market Mastermind – 2-day, hands-on events that involve live trading and an opportunity to network with other traders.

    To date, thousands have discovered him on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube and enrolled in his courses. Some students have become extraordinarily successful and gone on to make seven figures, while many others make six figures.

    “Making the money I did didn’t make me happy.” Dux struggled his whole life with anger and the need to prove himself. Even during the most prosperous time in his life, he suffered from dissatisfaction and health issues. It wasn’t until Dux stepped back, put it all into perspective, and decided to start teaching that he finally felt that he had succeeded in life. Now he travels the country teaching and enjoying life, the ocean, and surfing.

    Steven Dux Interview with Tim Sykes

    3 thoughts on “Steven Dux: Day Trading Phenom”

    1. I am a Dux Freedom Challenge student. I did profit 75% in my first month but that is also because I had signed up to many other chatrooms as I am hungry for knowledge. I just want to sound out to those who are thinking of signing up for Dux’s Freedom Challenge to consider what I am saying. I did save you $7500. Dux’s own profit is legit. Most of the stuff you need to learn can be learnt from the 2 DVDs sold outside of the FC. I would say you are paying $7500 for the FC mostly for the Webinar. The “data” you get from the FC is dated year 2018 and not updated. But what I felt most cheated in is the fact that the Chatroom is almost absent of Dux’s presence. And not even his associates are mostly present like other chatroom. Many days when Dux would just pop in the chat in the morning to say “There are no good trades to play today” and disappears mostly for the rest of the day… and at the end of the day you read tweets of many other chatrooms making tons of successful trades. And when you check back on Dux’s trades at the next day… you realized that Dux had made several trades himself while telling his students there are no trades. I mean if you are sincere about being a mentor, this is surely not the way to go right?

      I don’t think it’s responsible and dedicated mentorship. I had signed up for Tim Sykes and Madaz Money and I can tell you they or their team are mostly there throughout the day mentoring the paid subscribers faithfully. I heard Nathan of Investors Underground does that kind of commitment too. All for much cheaper pricing. Am doing my civic part to prep the public should they choose to jump in. Do take some time to ponder on this. The practice is absolutely not right and the admin person Sakuse is the most impolite i had ever met. Don’t believe what I say if you are willing to part with your $7500. I don’t gain from commenting here. I was an educator and I just cannot remain silent about this level of education service.

      Thank you.

    2. He’s a fraud that targets some of his students not all. I’m not talking about strictly his short selling programs. Don’t get reeled into his side scams like He’ll micromanage your “automated” trade and then act like he has no part of it.

      He’ll act like he cares then “advise” you into a trade that pauses in the middle and end for more money. “Compulsory” is the word he used. I’m a Freedom Challenge student right now. I’m looking forward to how his paid goons will respond to this message. I’m disgusted. I paid $7,500 for his program. I didn’t have enough funds to short sell right away, so he short sold me with a side business scam. He personally gave me instruction on Whatsapp for

    3. His trades are legit considering he verifies all his trades. The chatroom on the other hand is dead for the most of the day. Considering tier 1 is $99,Tier 2 $149 and the freedom challenge is roughly $7800 a year, you would expect more involvement/mentorship.

      With that being said, his training videos are excellent and extremely helpful information. Gives you good detail about what to look for.

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