Tim Sykes Pennystocking Framework DVD Review

Tim Sykes Pennystocking Framework


One of Tim Sykes’ most popular trading education DVDs, Pennystocking Framework was filmed live at the 4th annual Pennystocking Conference on October 22nd through 24th, 2011 at the Venetian in Las Vegas. Featuring presentations from several expert traders, this DVD course covers a variety of profitable trading strategies including penny stocks, options trading, biotechs, and more.

Pennystocking Framework is a popular course in the growing library of Timothy Sykes DVDs. In addition to video courses, Tim Sykes also offers watchlists, newsletters (check out our Pennystocking Silver review), chat rooms, mentoring through his Millionaire Challenge, and more.

In this detailed Pennystocking Framework review, we’ll do a chapter-by-chapter overview of the content included in the videos and share the pros, cons, and what type of trader this product is best suited for.

Pennystocking Framework Course Details

CreatorTimothy Sykes
PublisherBullShip Press, LLC
FormatsDigital (streaming video files)
SpeakersTimothy Sykes, Nathan Michaud (InvestorsLive), Sanglucci, Andrew Bachman, Michael Goode, Brandon Kruse, Mark Messier, Mike Havrilla, Mike Mosseri, Gregg Sciabica (lx21), Kunal Desai, Maribeth Willoughby
Runtime16 hours, 29 mins
PriceClick Here
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    About Timothy Sykes

    Born on April 15, 1981, Tim Sykes is the most well-known teacher in the world of penny stocks and he’s famous for turning $12,000 of bar mitzvah money into $1 million while trading low-priced stocks from his college dorm room at Tulane University. No stranger to publicity, Sykes has appeared on Larry King Live, the Steve Harvey Show, CNBC, Fox Business, Fox and Friends, CNN, and more.

    In addition to trading penny stocks and teaching others his framework for success, Sykes is also the founder of Profit.ly, Investimonials, the Timothy Sykes Foundation, and the Karmagawa social charity community.

    Pennystocking Framework: What You'll Learn

    The Pennystocking Framework course consists of 5 DVDs and when you purchase the program, you get instant access to each DVD via a streaming video file that can be found in the members’ area. As mentioned, Pennystocking Framework is a live recording of the 4th annual Pennystocking Conference and it features presentations from many millionaire traders.

    In the following sections, we’ll do a chapter-by-chapter breakdown of what’s covered on each disc…

    DVD #1

    Pennystocking Framework Part 1

    After an introduction by Tim Sykes, Sang Lucci makes a presentation on options trading and tape reading. Brandon Kruse then takes the stage and talks a bit about the IndicatorPro platform. Next, Mike Mosseri makes a presentation about Profit.ly, and then Mike Messier and Mike Havrilla from BioRunUp discuss how to profit by trading bio-medical stocks with FDA and clinical trial catalyst events.

    DVD #2

    Mike Messier and Mike Havrilla from BioRunUp continue discussing their strategies for profiting from biotech stocks and share where you can find FDA and clinical trial event information. Andrew Bachman then discusses the importance of thinking outside of the box. Next, Tim Sykes comes on and passes out some awards to several of his top students (Tim has since mentored several millionaire students including Tim Grittani, creator of the best-selling Trading Tickers course). He then shares some details on how to adopt a winning trading mindset as well as his recommended brokers for penny stock trading. Following Tim, a presentation was made about TheStreetSweeper, a website that does investigative work on penny stock pump and dumps and OTC scams. Gregg Sciabica (lx21) then comes on and shares a bit about his background, followed by a discussion of the things that make a good trader and a look at Gregg’s trading process.

    DVD #3

    Pennystocking Framework Video 3

    Gregg (lx21) continues his presentation, talking about the importance of patience, being selective on the trades you take, and some valuable insights related to dynamic trade management. He also spends a few minutes covering the topic of trading psychology, including the danger of biases and overconfidence — two common pitfalls that can wipe out a trader in a hurry. Some time is spent discussing blow ups and how to avoid them as well as the traits and routine of a professional trader. In the next part, Michael Goode (“The Reaper”) comes on and lays out his trading system for profiting from bear raids. This method shorts stocks after the release of negative “soft” news. Tim Sykes then comes back on stage and begins to teach his 7-step penny stock trading framework.

    DVD #4

    Pennystocking Framework Course Section 4

    Tim Sykes continues his presentation with the discussion of several charts before SangLucci takes the stage once again. He briefly talks about the importance of trading psychology before spending some time on the topic of market maker manipulation. Sang Lucci also covers the uptick rule before discussing the big picture moves he focuses on which are market reversals, fake-outs, and price action follow-through. He also goes through some options trading examples and tape reading techniques. Next up, Kunal Desai and Maribeth Willoughby from Bulls on Wall Street come on and give some brief history on how they got started with trading. They continue their presentation with discussions on trading psychology, the use of level II quotes, position sizing and risk management, recommended stock trading tools, how to scan for stocks, building a watchlist, and their go-to chart setups.

    DVD #5

    The final Pennystocking Framework DVD picks up with the remaining portion of Bulls on Wall Street’s presentation where they discuss a variety of breakout setups. Tim Sykes then comes on and reviews some pump and dump charts, showing how the price action in each one corresponds with his 7-step penny stock trading framework. There’s also some brief discussion of supernovas. Next, Nathan Michaud from the Investors Underground chat room provides some brief background on how he got his start in the trading world as well as a few stories of large losses he sustained early on. Nate shares several day trading dos and don’ts and then jumps into the setups that he focuses on: former runners, parabolic breakouts, late-day fades, and gearing and perking. He also goes through chart examples of each setup and breaks down basic criteria that needs to be met in each case. Nathan’s training provides a lot of value to this DVD course and is deserving of serious study.

    Reader Reviews

    A lengthy course that covers a…

    Rated 4.0 out of 5
    May 6, 2020

    A lengthy course that covers a wide variety of trading approaches and topics. Best for beginners.


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    Pennystocking Framework Patterns [Video]

    Pennystocking Framework FAQs

    If you're a relatively new trader and are interested in learning the fundamentals of several different trading systems, the Pennystocking Framework DVD set is a worthwhile purchase. If you already have some stock trading experience under your belt and simply want a course that's fully devoted to a single trading style, there are other options we'd recommend such as Trading Tickers, the Textbook Trading DVD, or Tandem Trader. Ultimately, the profitability and overall performance of the strategies taught in these DVDs will largely depend on the level of student dedication and willingness to invest the time and effort required to learn and apply the information.

    Both of these popular DVD courses are great for beginners who are new to the penny stock market. The Pennystocking Framework footage offers a bit more variety in terms of methodology, while the How to Make Millions provides more teaching on Timothy Sykes' core rules and strategy.

    Tim publicly shares his stock trading track record for all to see. He typically trades with a small account and donates all of his trading profits to charity. In 2017 he generated ~$242,000, ~$171,000 in 2018, ~$125,000 in 2019, and he's currently up ~$80,000 in 2020. While he has achieved major success as a penny stock trader, Tim's websites and educational trading products currently generate the majority of his income.

    Currently, Timothy Sykes' net worth is estimated to be between $15 and $25 million.

    Final Thoughts


    Variety of speakers and approaches in this DVD set is beneficial for new traders who haven't settled on a trading approach, featured speakers are successful traders with years of experience, provides good foundational knowledge of Tim Sykes' penny stock system


    Recorded in 720p so not the best video quality, some charts shown are difficult to read, while Tim's penny stock patterns are still relevant today some resources and recommendations are outdated, length of material requires a major time commitment to study

    Best For?

    In our opinion, Timothy Sykes' Pennystocking Framework course is best for new traders who need an introductory primer to the basics of penny stocks and other strategies

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