Tim Grittani Trading Tickers 2 Course Review

Trading Tickers 2 Review


The eagerly anticipated follow-up to Tim Grittani’s popular Trading Tickers DVD course, Trading Tickers 2 builds on the concepts and strategies revealed in the first course and details what has changed over the last several years as well as how Tim has adapted. Tim Grittani’s first course was extremely well received in the trading community and has helped many traders to find the consistency and profitability they were searching for. We’re excited to report that the second course is every bit as good as Tim’s first.

Course Details

CreatorTim Grittani
PublisherGrittani Trading Education Corp.
FormatsDigital (streaming video)
Runtime11 hours, 15 mins
PriceClick Here
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    About Tim Grittani

    The most successful and well-known student of Timothy Sykes, Tim Grittani catapulted to stardom in the day trading community when he successfully turned $1,500 into more than $10 million in just a few short years. Now living full-time in Puerto Rico with his family, Tim continues to push the envelope and show what’s possible if you fully devote yourself to the craft.

    What You'll Learn in Trading Tickers 2

    While not as lengthy as the first course, Trading Tickers 2 does a deep dive into Tim Grittani’s trading system and covers everything from software, strategies, data tracking, and more. As with the original Trading Tickers, this course includes several hours of live trading footage and commentary which is incredibly helpful when it comes to understanding Tim’s thought process and how he manages trades once he’s in them. Also, regardless of whether you prefer short or long setups, you’ll learn proven setups in this course that you can begin to trade immediately.

    In the following sections, we’ll do a chapter by chapter breakdown of what’s covered in Trading Tickers 2

    Chapter 1 (27m)

    Day Trading Course

    In chapter one of the course, Tim provides a basic introduction to Trading Tickers 2 and also discusses what he’s learned from several large losses that he took since releasing his first course.

    Tim covers some of the problems that he’s fixed over the past several years related to risk-reward, risk management, and discipline. He is also more focused on his process now instead of P/L.

    After reading The Daily Trading Coach by Brett Steenbarger, Tim began to keep a more detailed journal which helped him to pinpoint several recurring issues in his largest losses. As a result, he implemented some new rules which he details in the course.

    Chapter 2 (59m)

    In DVD 2, Tim provides updates on the main things that changed in his trading since TT1, including brokers, scanners, and his favorite technical indicators. Tim also details his decision-making process.

    Chapter 3 (1h 50m)

    Spreadsheet Tracking

    In this portion of the course, Tim takes a deep dive into his spreadsheet tracking process. He also discusses his favorite tools and exactly how he is using them to increase his edge.

    Chapter 4 (1h 50m)

    Tim Grittani DVD Course

    In DVD 4, Tim revisits eight key trading strategies that he shared in the original Trading Tickers course. He also shares how effective each approach is in today’s market.

    Here’s a list of the setups covered:

    • Buying new promotions
    • OTC multiday breakouts
    • OTC short setups
    • Buying major daily breakouts
    • Shorting lower highs into spikes
    • Shorting into major resistance
    • Shorting overextended gap downs
    • Shorting into bounces

    Tim also lays out the new system he uses to manage positions and goes through several live trading examples. (tickers covered: $MRNA, $WKHS, $ICD, $CAPR, $AMTX, $CPSH)

    Chapter 5 (1h 35m)

    Tim extensively covers the topic of frontside shorting in DVD 5. As in disc 4, he reviews the strategies discussed in the first course and shares the things in his method that he’s tweaked since that time. (live trades: $CAPR, $UAVS, $HTBX, $ACB, $GNUS)

    Chapter 6 (1h 34m)

    Doji Day 1 Setup

    In chapter six, Tim lays out the rules of his “Doji Day 1” strategy which focuses on large gappers that have failed. Tim covers all of the criteria that he looks for with this setup as well as the data he’s uncovered after tracking more than 200 samples. Also included in this chapter is plenty of live trading action. (live trades: $NAVB, $MBRX, $IO, $BKYI, $ALPN, $SINT, $DPW)

    Chapter 7 (1h 19m)

    The seventh DVD covers Tim’s “Reversal Long” setup which looks for big runners that have had a minimum of one red day. Once again, Tim breaks down the reasoning behind the effectiveness of this strategy as well as the specific criteria he looks for. (live trades: $GNUS, $WLL, $MARK, $BMRA, $SGBX, $EQ)

    Chapter 8 (1h 38m)

    In the final chapter of Trading Tickers 2, Tim shares the details of his newly revamped afternoon breakout strategy. As in the other chapters, he provides the exact criteria that he looks for, the statistical data he’s collected on this setup, how he scans for stocks that are setting up intraday, and the improvements he’s made to this strategy since the release of the first course. (live trades: $GNUS, $MLND, $STIM, $AKER, $CLSK, $UAVS)

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    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    February 13, 2024

    Great course and delivery!


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    Pros and Cons

    • Well-organized
    • Provides a valuable inside look at Tim Grittani's trading process and best strategies
    • Includes lots of updates from the first course (what still works, what doesn't, etc.)
    • Hours of brand new live trading footage provides unique opportunity to look over Tim's shoulder
    • Not as lengthy as the first Trading Tickers course so easier to digest 

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