Tandem Trader DVD Review (Nathan Michaud of Investors Underground)

Tandem Trader


A follow-up to Nathan Michaud’s first day trading DVD, Textbook Trading, Tandem Trader is packed with over 12 hours of top-shelf content including hours of helpful live trading action where you’ll look over Nate’s shoulder in real-time as he enters and exits trades. Tandem Trader builds on the fundamentals taught in his Textbook Trading DVD course and he takes things to the next level, allowing you to follow along as Nate scales in and scales out of positions. You’ll learn the reasoning behind his system and have an opportunity to see things play out live – something which helps a lot when it comes to learning his rules, trading habits, and chart patterns.

In this Tandem Trader review, we’ll take an in-depth look at this DVD course and do a chapter-by-chapter review of the content and trading strategies discussed. If you’re serious about learning how to day trade, Tandem Trader is a must-own course that’ll be a valuable addition to your trading education library. As with any other highly-rated day trading course, you’ll need to diligently study these DVDs multiple times to properly learn Nate’s day trading setups and rules, but the roadmap for stock trading success is laid out in these video recordings.

Course Details

CreatorNathan Michaud
PublisherInvestors Underground
FormatsDigital (streaming DVD video)
Runtime742 mins. (12+ hours)
PriceClick Here
Promo CodeUse coupon code tradingreviewers for huge discount on Investors Underground Elite memberships, which include the Tandem Trader course, 1,000+ video lessons, daily watch lists, chat room access, and more
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    About Nathan Michaud & Investors Underground

    One of today’s best day traders, Nathan Michaud has been responsible for teaching thousands of aspiring day traders over the years. Unlike many so-called trading gurus who make their money front-running thinly traded penny stocks, Nate focuses on highly liquid NASDAQ stocks and he’s proven time and again that his trade ideas don’t require the backing of a large following to be profitable.

    Nate got his start in the stock market more than a decade ago while attending the University of New Hampshire, and after some early ups and downs, went on to become a highly profitable trader with a focus on intraday momentum trades.

    In addition to the Textbook Trading and Tandem Trader DVD courses, Nathan is also the founder of Investors Underground, one of the most successful online day trader communities. Investors Underground offers multiple chat room options (intraday momentum, OTC/crypto, swing trading, and general chat), more than 1,000 video lessons, watch lists, webinars, and more. Access to Tandem Trader is also included with an Investors Underground Elite subscription and you can use the coupon code tradingreviewers for a special discount on IU Elite membership plans.

    What You'll Learn

    One of the best courses available for those who are interested in learning how to day trade, Tandem Trader teaches you the skills required to become profitable in the markets. You’ll get an inside look at how an elite trader scans for stocks, watches price action, enters and exits his positions, and manages risk. Nate does a deep dive into the mechanics of trading both the long and short side, and the live examples provide you with a unique opportunity to look over his shoulder as he manages his positions.

    Chapter 1: Introduction

    Tandem Trader Chapter 1

    In this introductory chapter, Nate gives some brief background of his history and how he got his start in the industry. Also discussed are some of the mistakes he made early on and what new traders can do to avoid making those same costly errors. Nathan talks a bit about his morning routine and developing a trading plan for the day. At 9:30 am, he’s ready to react to what the market does at the open based on his plan and he focuses on taking scalp trades. Between 10 am and 11 am he watches for breakout and fade setups. Between 11 am and 1 pm, Nate typically steps back and only takes reactive trades that are moving based on news or intraday parabolic moves. He also uses this time to make a plan for 2 pm to 4 pm.

    Chapter 2: Trading Concepts

    In chapter 2, Nate discusses the key things that he looks for before taking a trade — volume, and range. He avoids illiquid names and stocks that are stuck in tight daily ranges, as both of these characteristics are red flags that can result in trapping day traders. Nathan also talks about some of the things that he takes advantage of to reduce risk, including solid support on a daily chart, trading names that have a history of running, and when there is potential for a trend change. Nate also locks in profits along the way which removes some emotions from the equation and makes it easier to be patient while allowing a trade to work. As far as trading opportunities from the short side go, Nathan stresses the importance of only getting involved when there’s a parabolic move, a change in trend, or with faders that have clearly defined risk. Scaling into winners and risking with the house’s money is also a big part of the momo trading strategy taught in this course and Nathan discusses why he avoids putting on a full position until his theories have been confirmed. Also covered is the topic of sympathy plays and float rotation.

    Chapter 3: NASDAQ Textbook Longs

    NASDAQ Textbook Longs

    This portion of the DVD takes an in-depth look at Nathan Michaud’s favorite long setups. The first pattern covered is Nate’s popular ABCD trade which is a very predictable pattern that offers a good risk to reward ratio. Also covered is another variation of the ABCD setup that triggers off of a washout vs. a pop. In this video lesson, you’ll get a good look at Nathan’s strategy of locking in profits along the way and how that works to your advantage. Near the end of the lesson, he also discusses the power of multiple time frame stock breakouts. The ABCD chart pattern is probably the best setup for new traders because it allows you to risk off of clearly defined levels. – Live trades: $GLUU, $FB, $IDTI, $BBRY, $SRPT, $SEAS, $MOBI, $YHOO, $VII, $CLF

    Chapter 4: Parabolic Shorts

    Parabolic Shorts

    In the fourth chapter of Tandem Trader, you’ll learn how to identify and short parabolic intraday moves. This setup begins with a large morning gap up and there are two ways to trade it: on the front side (advanced), and on the backside (intermediate). Nate provides helpful commentary related to the psychology behind these moves and also an example of a loss he took and how it could have easily been avoided by sticking to his trading rules. – Live trades: $MBLY, $DRL, $PLUG, $MNGA, $GIGA, $GWPH, $GPRO, $PTSX

    Chapter 5: Shorts & Faders

    Shorts and Faders

    In chapter five, the focus setups are shorts and faders, particularly late-day faders. The fade is one of the best trades for the beginner and intermediate trader because these chart patterns offer a well-defined area to risk off of. Nate hammers home the importance of trading the backside of the move, as it’s far less risky than trying to top tick a major move while still offering plenty of profit potential. Live trades: $GPRO, $PBR, $ATTBF, $ISR, $ITCC, $PVCT, $MNKD, $TWTR, $WWE

    Chapter 6: OTC Trading

    Nate covers OTC trading in chapter six, spending quite a bit of time commenting on level II action and teaching how to identify heaviness and reversal areas. Also discussed is trading recently delisted names on the long side and a few swing setups. Live trades: $SBOTF, $SOPW, $GTATQ

    Chapter 7: Level 2 & Float Rotation

    Level 2 and Float Rotation

    In chapter seven, Nate does a deep dive into some more advanced trading topics including Level 2, float rotation, stuffing into an area of resistance, and SSR (short sale restriction). Nate also explains the difference between adding liquidity and taking liquidity. Live trades: $CDTI, $NUGT, $SLXP, $VPCO, $VSR, $JRJC

    Chapter 8: How to Scan for Stocks

    How to Scan for Stocks

    Chapter eight covers Nate’s process for scanning stocks and building a daily watch list using FINVIZ. If you enjoy reading Nate’s scans each evening and are looking for insight into how he screens stocks and determines what names make the list, you’ll get a lot out of this section of the course. This video includes a lot of detail and shows the exact settings that Nate uses for his FINVIZ scans as well as his mindset for filtering the results as he cherry-picks the trades with the most potential. He also stresses the importance of revisiting prior day’s watch lists to stay familiar with those particular names. The scans covered in this video are Nate’s “Green”, “Green Scan”, and “Dumper Scan”.

    Chapter 9: Tools of the Trade

    In chapter nine of Tandem Trader, there are a few trading tool recommendations made. First, Cam mentions the Trade on the Fly swing trading service by Michele (offshorehunters) before moving on to discuss Nate’s trading desk setup. Also discussed is Nate’s preferred broker, well-known in the industry for their easy borrows, great executions, and top-shelf customer support. While brokers may not always be the first thing that comes to mind when the topic of trading tools comes up, it’s an area that can have a big impact on your overall performance.

    Chapter 10: Trader Interviews

    Trader Interviews

    In this final bonus chapter of the DVD, Cam interviews several other top traders, including Gregg Sciabica (lx21), Phil Goedeker (ozarktrades), Tim Grittani (kroyrunner), Eric Wood (elkwood66), Brandon Garretson (crawfish_poboy), Tom Kelly (ECNC1), Sandro (Spendores), and Steve Baldwin.

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    April 21, 2021

    Totally outdated.


    Look no further…

    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    June 22, 2020

    The best of the best — if you’re serious about learning how to day trade, look no further Nathan Michaud’s Tandem Trader course. Nate’s the real deal and this course is loaded with high-level content that’ll be helpful to any trader, regardless of experience level.


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    There are two ways to get access to Nathan Michaud’s Tandem Trader course. The first option, is to buy Nate’s course separately as a standalone purchase for $1,497. Alternatively, you can get full access to Tandem Trader, Textbook Trading, more than 1,000 video lessons, training webinars, Nate’s chat room, and more by becoming an Investors Underground Elite member (be sure to use the coupon code tradingreviewers for a special discount).

    While buying the course alone isn’t necessarily a bad option, we highly recommend signing up as an Investors Underground member as this will give you access to even more resources, valuable support, and the helpful IU community.

    Tandem Trader DVD Walkthrough [VIDEO]


    Nathan Michaud originally released the Tandem Trader course in 2014.

    Absolutely. This is one of the premier day trading courses available today and is packed with high-level content, trade analysis commentary, live examples, level 2 instruction, parabolic shorts, and much more. The trading concepts covered in the course are advanced and the DVD includes everything you need to take things to the next level.

    Nate is a day trader who focuses on intraday momentum plays. While there is certainly knowledge shared in the course that will be useful for a swing trader, it's primarily geared toward day traders.

    There are a couple different pricing options to choose from. If you're only interested in buying the course, you can purchase access to Tandem Trader for $1,497. A better option, in our opinion, is to purchase an Elite membership to Investors Underground which gives you full access to the Tandem Trader and Textbook Trading courses, 1,000+ video lessons, chat room access, daily watch lists, webinars, and more. To sign up, click here and use the coupon code tradingreviewers for a huge discount at checkout.

    Pros and Cons

    • Opportunity to learn market concepts and proven strategies from one of today's best day traders
    • Reveals inside details to every aspect of Nate's process
    • Hours of live trade examples provide additional clarity and hindsight analysis, giving you an inside look at Nate's entries, exits, and his valuable comments related to trade management
    • All of Nate's most profitable patterns explained in detail
    • Includes effective strategies for both the long and short side

    Best for?

    Day traders of all skill levels who are serious about controlling risk and becoming more profitable.

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