Bookmap Review: X-Ray Vision for Serious Day Traders

Bookmap Trading Software

What is Bookmap?

Bookmap is a software application that provides traders with a unique view of the order book and market liquidity. A powerful market data visualization and order flow analysis tool that goes much deeper than the limited market data provided by Level 2, Bookmap offers X-ray vision for the futures, equities, and crypto markets.

In this Bookmap review, we’ll take a look at this game-changing piece of day trading software and discuss the main features of the program, the pricing options, pros and cons, and more.

Software Details

PlatformsWindows, Mac, Linux
SupportedFutures, equities, crypto
SubscriptionsFree, monthly, yearly, lifetime
PriceClick here
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    Bookmap is an incredibly powerful piece of stock trading software for analyzing price action and order flow, and it comes loaded with features designed to provide serious traders with added edge. While Bookmap is best-suited for day trading, the program can also help swing traders make better trading decisions when it comes to entries and exits.

    In the following sections, we’ll discuss Bookmap’s many features and how they can positively impact your decision-making process.

    Easy Installation & Cross-Platform Support


    When it comes to trading platforms, downloading and properly configuring some applications can be a real chore. We were pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to get Bookmap up and running, and the program’s cross-platform support gives you the ability to load it onto a Windows, Mac, or Linux machine (although the Linux version is “experimental” at this time).

    The application runs smoothly and we’ve yet to experience any issues with crashes.


    Bookmap Heatmap

    Bookmap’s Heatmap feature is unbelievably helpful when it comes to visualizing support and resistance levels. An array of vivid colors displayed on the chart highlight varying levels of liquidity and provide a graphical representation of market depth and order book activity. There are also alternative heatmap colors, including grayscale if you prefer a more toned-down look.

    The heatmap feature also provides a historical record of liquidity, something that you don’t get with a standard DOM (depth of market) application. Even after bids and offers have been pulled or taken out, there’s a heatmap record displayed on the chart that shows you the history of limit orders at each price level.

    Volume Tools


    Built-in to the Bookmap platform is a suite of powerful tools designed to help traders monitor and analyze volume. Here’s a list of the volume tools that are currently integrated into the software:

    • Volume dots (volume bubbles)
    • Volume profile
    • Volume imbalance indicator
    • Volume bars
    • Cumulative volume delta
    If you prefer a cleaner look, there’s also a handy toggle that allows you to hide panels from view.

    Limit Order Book

    Order Book DOM

    Bookmap’s DOM (depth of market) pane provides day traders with an in-depth look at market liquidity, displaying limit order detail that you simply don’t get with Level 2 quotes. In addition to the standard COB view (Current Order Book), Bookmap also provides the COB-AG column which displays the aggregated number of pending orders at each price level combined with the total number of pending orders at previous price levels.

    One-Click Trading

    More than a tool for analyzing market data, Bookmap is also a trading platform that provides traders with the ability to execute trades directly from the chart or DOM with a single click. Bookmap provides a precise visualization of when orders are placed, filled, changed, or canceled, and traders who prefer to execute trades through their normal platform can still connect and watch their trading activity in real-time through Bookmap as if it was done within the software.

    Record and Replay

    Record and Replay

    Bookmap also features a convenient record and replay tool that allows you to go back and review market action at a later date. This is incredibly helpful when it comes to reviewing your trades and you can adjust the playback speed to make it slower or faster.

    To access Bookmap’s replay mode, you simply need to restart the software and select “Replay data / Trading simulated by Bookmap” upon startup.


    VWAP Indicator

    Also integrated into Bookmap are useful indicators that can be used to provide additional confirmation when putting on a trade. Some of the indicators built-in to Bookmap include:

    • VWAP
    • Iceberg detector
    • Large lot tracker
    • Advanced volume delta
    • Imbalance indicator

    These indicators have been added to the software over time based on user feedback and the developers’ experience with HFT (high-frequency trading).

    Support for Equities, Futures, & Crypto Markets

    Connect Data Providers

    Whether your focus is futures trading, the stock market, or cryptocurrencies, Bookmap is a tool that you’ll want to add to your arsenal. Bookmap can be easily connected to many different data providers and brokers/exchanges, providing outstanding flexibility for traders of all types.

    Currently, Bookmap supports the following services:

    Interactive BrokersRithmicBinance Futures
    TradeStationTrading TechnologiesFTX
    Cedro TechnologiesCQGCoinbase
    Gain CapitalBitMEX
    TransAct FuturesPoloniex
    Stage Five Trading CorpKraken Futures
    Cedro TechnologiesHitBTC
    Edge ClearOKEX

    Educational Resources

    Video Library

    Last but not least, Bookmap is an extremely well-supported piece of software and Bruce and the team provide users with a massive amount of valuable educational resources. The live daily webinars and top-shelf video tutorials will make you a better trader and help you get the most out of Bookmap.

    After logging in to the members’ area, you’ll see a link to the Bookmap Portal where you’ll find a 4-part educational course and some helpful instructional videos.

    Reader Reviews

    A must-have software application for serious day traders…

    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    November 3, 2020

    Bookmap is a must-have software application for serious day traders who need to closely monitor and analyze order flow.


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    Plans, Pricing, and Special Discount

    Bookmap currently offers three different plans:

    • Digital
    • Global
    • Global Plus

    The Digital subscription plan is completely free and provides you with delayed market data for stocks and options as well as real-time data for crypto. Some of the premium features such as Record and Replay are unavailable with Bookmap’s free plan, but this is a great way to download the software and check it out firsthand. Lastly, the Digital plan allows you to execute crypto trades directly through Bookmap.

    Bookmap’s Global subscription plan provides real-time data for stocks, futures, and crypto. The Global plan also gives you some additional features such as VWAP, Bookmap’s correlation tracker, 20 simultaneous tabs, and the ability to record and replay market action. As with the Digital plan, trading capabilities are limited to crypto.

    Bookmap’s premium membership plan, Global Plus includes everything in the Global plan plus access to additional tools such as LTT, Iceberg, and Imbalance. Global Plus also gives you the ability to execute trades for crypto, futures, and equities.

    Last but not least, the Global and Global Plus subscriptions include access to Bookmap’s educational course and daily live trading sessions which take place every weekday from 11 am to 11:30 am EST. These resources are a huge value and will speed up your learning curve and help you to maximize Bookmap’s potential.

    As far as pricing goes, there are monthly, annual, and lifetime subscription plans offered for Global and Global Plus:


    Bookmap Review Walkthrough Video


    The COB-AG column shows the aggregate view, displaying the aggregated number of pending orders at each price level combined with the total number of pending orders at all of the preceding price levels.

    Bookmap offers a completely free version of their platform (the "Digital" plan) which provides you with delayed data for stocks and futures as well as real-time data for crypto. Some features such as TT, Iceberg, Imbalance, and Record/Replay are not included with the free version and there is a limitation of one open tab.

    Pros and Cons

    • Provides unprecedented market transparency
    • Incredible trading tool for visualizing order flow data and market depth
    • Helpful for identifying levels of support and resistance
    • Helps traders detect iceberg orders
    • Particularly useful for day trading futures, stocks, and crypto
    • Ability to record and replay market action (great learning tool)
    • Large number of customization options available
    • Runs on multiple platforms (Windows, Mac, and Linux)
    • Excellent connectivity with data providers and brokers
    • Top-shelf educational resources available to users
    • Software is very well-supported

    Best for?

    Bookmap is a must-have tool for serious day traders and even swing traders who are looking for more edge in the futures, equities, and crypto markets. This top-shelf trading software provides the serious trader with unprecedented market transparency that goes far beyond Level 2, dramatically improving one’s ability to analyze order flow, price action, market trends, and potential areas of reversal. Bookmap offers X-ray vision into the activity of market participants and algo traders, providing a significant advantage when it comes to analyzing the actions of buyers and sellers.

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