Awesome Calls Trading Review: Day Trading Chat Room & Courses

Awesome Calls Trading


Awesome Calls Trading is an online community for active day traders that provides members with private chat room access, live stream screen shares, daily watchlists, stock trading courses, and more.

In this review, we’ll take an in-depth look at everything that ACT members have access to.

Community Details

CreatorAnthony “AJ” Haworth
TypeMembership site
StyleDay trading
IncludedChat room, live stream screen sharing, daily watch lists, video library, day trading courses
MembershipsDaily, weekly, monthly, annual
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    Community Rating

    Rated 1.7 out of 5
    1.7 out of 5 stars (based on 53 reviews)
    Very good2%

    What's Included

    In this section of the review, we’ll do a comprehensive overview of everything that’s included in the Awesome Calls Trading community. In addition to the membership, we’ll also discuss the optional educational courses that are available as an upgrade to the basic ACT membership.

    Private Members-Only Chat Room

    Chat Room

    Awesome Calls Trading is most well-known for its live stream chat room which includes screen shares and market commentary from AJ throughout the trading day. The chat room runs on the Webinato platform (which we’re not particularly fond of) and it features a tabbed design that allows members to toggle back and forth between the screen share view and the notes tab (where AJ’s daily trading plan is posted).

    Additionally, there are tabs for general chat and member questions, where you can post questions for AJ during the day.

    Daily Watch List

    Day Trading Watch List

    Each morning before the opening bell, AJ posts a detailed watch list of stock picks that he has pre-screened and selected to be the top focus for the day. Each ticker includes the catalyst, thoughts on where to enter, and potential move to expect out of the trade. 

    Video Library

    Awesome Calls Trading members also have access to a video library which consists of trade reviews, recorded webinars, and more. Annual members get access to AJ’s premium Secret Sauce videos in addition to the regular catalog.

    Educational Courses (Optional Upgrade)

    Last but not least, Awesome Calls Trading also offers a variety of day trading courses. These videos are not included in the ACT membership and are only accessible via a paid upgrade. The premium video courses are sold separately and include AJ 1-on-1 Strategy Session, AJ Trading the Open Strategy, DarkSide Trader Strategy Session, and Janni Short Selling Strategy.

    Reader Reviews

    Glad I quit…

    Rated 2.0 out of 5
    February 13, 2024

    I was with AJ and ACT for 3 years. I did learn a lot, but that came with losing. AJ is a different kinda cat. Very narcissistic, yes. Makes up a ton of BS such as Market makers being in the room to specifically screw him. He, up until a few months ago, only paper traded so of course that is total nonsense. It’s like he thinks of us as lesser than him, kinda like his minions. Very condescending person. Blows smoke all day. It used to be a family atmosphere, a lot of fun. Once he realized he was never gonna get his “10,000 subs”, he changed the room to him trading real money for a 25 cent move on mega cap stock. Totally sucks now. Doesn’t care a single bit about his subs and it shows. The room went completely down hill in 2023.

    I do think his premarket notes are very useful. The earnings plays at the end of the day are completely worthless. Makes zero sense.

    He has a gentleman named Darkside come on the mic for 2 hours a day and that man is the truth. The real deal. So smart. Incredible forward thinker.

    All in all I am glad I was there, but now I’m very glad I quit. Wasn’t for me anymore. Thanks for everything AJ, good luck to you.


    Room’s atmosphere is mostly toxic…

    Rated 1.0 out of 5
    June 15, 2023

    I paid for a yearly subscription to listen to this baby whine day in and day out about his subscribers not bringing him new “subscribers”. He’s always complaining about other rooms who copy his trade ideas and using his ideas on a daily basis. When a call doesn’t go his way, he’ll blame the market makers in the room always. He gets so agitated that the room’s atmosphere is mostly toxic.

    The worst part about being in this room is AJ only simulation trades or paper trades. He complains about not having time to set up for a trade, and when he does paper trade he will do it with size for a penny’s move. And yet, he will complain that other rooms only give you penny moves.

    I’ve seen him make calls during the morning, “Tesla is on its way to $180”, and yet the stock does a reversal at 179. The worst one are low cap stocks which ran in pre-market and he will proclaim, just watch this it’s headed to $8.00. Of course, the stock does a reversal.

    Keep in mind, on Fridays, he leaves the room at 11a.m. so do not buy a one day pass. The California State Attorney General has an ongoing case against AJ, and AJ has constantly bragged that the AG doesn’t know what to do with him.

    The room isn’t very transparent, members who frequently post on twitter regarding earnings made AJ made are the same one that post over and over. And last, he non-stop mocks his subscribers.

    The reviews on this site should open your eyes.

    Erica Wienznikki

    Do not make the mistake…

    Rated 1.0 out of 5
    June 15, 2023

    Don’t waste your money, time, or life with this guy. Tried two different times 5 yrs apart. 2nd time around his egocentric/narcissistic behaviour was over the top to the point it’s difficult to focus on trading. Please do not make the mistake I have. Leave awesome calls alone and let them fade off so no more harm can be done by these scammers.

    Act Family

    Be careful…

    Rated 1.0 out of 5
    June 15, 2023

    Be very careful getting lured into trades by AJ with cheap stocks that have run up on pre-market with comments such as “I’m starting a position, just wait and see this will run up. It’s getting ready to run”. While I look at L2 and I see nothing but walls and walls to overcome. More than once, the cheap stock will pop a few cents and you will have just a nano second to react and get trapped. BE CAREFUL ON FRIDAYS, HE LEAVES EARLY. You don’t want to be a bag holder on Friday morning, trust me. For someone who claims he can predict the move, before the move you can tell this guy is a scam.

    He’s constantly whining, complains and mocking his subscribers. When he loses on a trade, he blames the market makers in the room. LOL.

    He mostly paper trades in positions risking $0. He simulation trades and no hot keys are used.

    Twitter post by “established” members claiming large profit by appears to be questionable, often buying at the bottom and profit at the very top or vice versa. Very unbelievable, mostly just pictures like $250K or $30k but no true P&L is ever posted.

    The California Attorney General needs to shut down this scam. Please read the reviews on this site, the negative reviews are mostly correct. I spent $250 for a month.

    Be careful with large cap stocks. He often says, this has room to $190 or is headed to $190. All of a sudden, the stock does a reversal.

    Is this someone who can predict the move before the move? He may not be good at predicting stock moves, however, he is excellent at mocking subscribers, whining, complaining that he isn’t getting new subs.

    Why would anyone join this scam chatroom?

    Dhazmon J.

    He’s lost every single year trading…

    Rated 1.0 out of 5
    February 2, 2023

    This guy gives a range up and down of a dozen stocks a day. If it goes up he was right. If it goes down he was right. He’ll paper trade a $0.50 move with $10 million buying power to make $10k, then take credit for a $10 move on twitter even though he was only in it for a $0.50 move and then say, “I told you to take the trade.”

    He’ll simulate live trades and if it goes the other way, he immediately blames the “Market Makers” in the room. He spends more time trying to promote himself on Twitter than trading. Always complains about members not bringing in new members and when they do, he berates and talks to them like $%#@. This defeats the purpose of bringing in new members!!

    Says he doesn’t need a chat room because he can make so much money for himself daily. Did some research and he’s lost every single year trading with over $14 million in 2020 alone. “When you love what you do” (his motto for scamming newbies). You know what they say, “Those that can’t do it… Teach” and he can’t even do that. He’s a FRAUD and THAT’S the reason he’s getting sued by the State of California.

    Don J

    Stay away…

    Rated 1.0 out of 5
    January 22, 2023

    0 stars if I could. This yelling drama queen is a pure fraud. He barks louder than my dog. Stay away! He pinned Mr. Zack Morris on his Twitter account for years and saying he was the best trader in the world.. LMAO! Look what happened with the SEC.. this clown should follow next. Good riddance.


    Stay far away…

    Rated 1.0 out of 5
    November 25, 2022

    There is absolutely no connection between this room and the reality of trading. Just a dude throwing out 10 darts a day and then screaming non-stop about his winners. Yeah, my dog can do that too.

    100% scam, stay far away. The funniest part of the fantasy is his imaginary son, who is about to become CEO of Goldman Sachs.


    You have to move super fast…

    Rated 3.0 out of 5
    November 25, 2022

    Will you learn with AJ? An absolute yes. You’ll understand how market moves in response to news. You’ll understand how to short bio trades and read the news for what they are. The levels he marks are spot on. I cancelled my subscription for over a year and came back as I believe his pre-market notes alone (and last 30min before market close) are worth the subscription.

    He has no respect for others. He’s self-centered and very insecure, hence the self-boasting and putting others down.

    Putting all that aside, you can make money but you have to move super fast (shortcuts or speed-keys on your keyboard to trade).



    Rated 1.0 out of 5
    July 11, 2022

    Garbage service. Talks about his “amazing son” lol. This guy is a fraud and so is his service


    Does not teach you anything…

    Rated 1.0 out of 5
    April 19, 2022

    Pure scam. He does not teach you anything. He behaves like a charlatan. If you ask him why he took this trade, actually he never does any but useless simulation, he says this is his pure experience (really???). Kind of secret sauce, it is total b*******. If you want to lose money, go ahead and join him. Good luck!


    Paper trades on think or swim…

    Rated 1.0 out of 5
    March 17, 2022

    Says this is a trading room and we are making money. States he won’t talk about cars because all he has time for is trading. Then goes and talks about cars and how great his life is. Spends a good portion promoting on Twitter. On Twitter he will go call by call and say he told you to enter at X amount which is the exact top or bottom, then claim he called the exact top and bottom to exit. But in reality he got in and maybe rode it up cents to maybe a dollar. In reality false advertising on Twitter. Paper trades on think or swim. He admits he does that, but if you have ever paper traded on TOS it’s impossible to lose they have it rigged for you to gain confidence so when you flip to real money you obviously lose. Claims to work non stop for the room does not have time to be out and party, then goes and talks about how much he drank the night before with his GF.

    Stan F.

    Makes me sick I supported this guy…

    Rated 1.0 out of 5
    March 17, 2022

    This s*** stain of a human being is a delusional psychopath that claims market makers are in his room constantly as if they care AT ALL about someone paper trading live as AJ does not use real money. He also trades these ridiculous scalps with 5 million buying power to make 10K in profits daily. So he would have you risk 5 million which nobody in his room has to make his 10K nut just so he can brag about it and call you a baby because you can’t do the same. It makes me sick I supported this guy for 1 month… he deserves everything terrible in this life because he is just such a s**** person.


    My sense is…

    Rated 1.0 out of 5
    March 17, 2022

    Tried getting him to do a post mortem on his daily predictions which were flat a** losers. Nothing but crickets. My sense is he is a total wannabe fraud. His sidekicks seem to be a band of shameless self promoters working as a pack of wild dolts.

    Larry Morris

    Far better traders out there to follow…

    Rated 1.0 out of 5
    February 18, 2022

    I gave AJ 6 months in his room and my experience was there was some good things, some mediocre things and some damn right awful things.

    First the good. He understands market sentiment very well. I learned some very useful aspects of trading from him. From knowing an offering is coming and what that offering price would be, to understanding why I stock was up or down and how the market interpreted the news behind the move.

    The mediocre. He’s a momentum scalper and that’s it. He plays breakouts and just looks for volume behind momentum moves. When he traded (more on that later) he was never in a trade longer the 10-15 seconds. It was simply a case of scalping a quick move. Problem with that he would get the room trapped a lot. He paid no attention to strong fib levels, he paid no attention to if a stock was overbought or oversold. On many occasions he would encourage the room to buy or sell a fake out and he had no idea that move was likely to reverse due to it being over cooked and right at a strong fib. When it would go against him in these situations he would blame “Market makers in his room”

    The list he would compile daily was good but he could never lose on the direction because he gave targets for both if the stock went up or went down. He would simply take which direction it went and post that target to his Twitter page as another winning setup and ignore the losing setup he had also posted.

    The awful. He used to trade live, his target for the day was $1000. Some days he would hit it, some days he would miss it but at least he was trading live. Then he upped his daily target to $2000 a day and he got into a mess. He started losing far more than he was winning and he was losing big. All of a sudden he stopped trading live and now he paper trades only. His excuse was “Too many people asking him questions so he was just going to sacrifice himself to focus on the traders”

    This is where it got really bad. Because he was paper trading he was pulling stunts like buying a thousand shares of Tesla. Then start bragging he made 10 grand in 3 seconds. The facts are that when he used to trade live, stocks like Tesla he would trade 200 shares max. A 40 or 50 dollar stock he would trade a 1000 shares, all of a sudden when paper trading he’s trading 5000 shares of $60 stock. He would also ignore the bid and ask spread and give himself the last as his bought price. He would do the same when closing out his paper trade. Some stocks he would be paper trading had wide bid and asks. He would encourage the room to trade them, give himself the perfect entry and exit price on his paper trade while the room trading live with cash would get screwed on a garbage spread. Finally his length of time in a trade changed dramatically. When he used to trade live he was in a trade a matter of seconds. Once he flipped to paper trading he started over sizing massively and holding trades literally until they went in his favor at some point. His paper trading was incredibly dangerous. It completely takes out the psychological elements of trading and for people in the room who were strictly following him I am sure there were plenty that wiped out accounts.

    In summary. AJ would expect his subscribers to tweet daily promoting him. If he found a tweet from a subscriber that he didn’t like he would demand they delete it or change it. At times he spent more time during the day tweeting and promoting the room than he would helping subscribers. AJ is a salesman, in fairness he’s a damn good salesman but a salesman nonetheless. I gave him a fair go but in the end I found little education of benefit beyond the market sentiment ideas and I was turned off completely with him paper trading. There are far better traders out there to follow than him and so I ended the subscription.


    Not for newbies…

    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    January 9, 2022

    Hard core day trading/scalping room not for the newbies! I’ve never seen someone predict the long AND short movements a stock will make on any given day. He gives you 12 picks daily with both their up and down targets for the day and break-out or break-down entries for long or short. This way, if the market or that stock sells or OR goes up, you have a price target for the day’s trading. He is literally 99% accurate too! No, it is not for newbies but he is a magician for serious day traders.

    Miss Apple

    Always putting others down…

    Rated 1.0 out of 5
    January 9, 2022

    His incessant whining is annoying. Always putting others down, only a small man would do that.


    Isn’t extremely helpful…

    Rated 2.0 out of 5
    January 9, 2022

    His daily notes are fairly accurate from what I have seen but you have to move really fast to take these trades long, and then be ready to exit and short nearly instantly. He plays stocks that have good volume that day so they are being attacked from all directions and moving very quickly. Its hard to keep up with the 10 or 12 stocks he puts out unless you have a really good screen setup. I think there is some benefit here for intermediate traders that want someone to tell them what to trade.

    Overall though he is kind of a spaz and isn’t extremely helpful except to himself. Glad I only did the daily and then googled these reviews. I may do one more day here in the future but going to look elsewhere if I pay for anything again.


    Would not recommend at all…

    Rated 1.0 out of 5
    January 9, 2022

    I could give negative stars if possible. Lost more by following his calls this year and lost all my confidence in myself. I followed his call and the lost money and I asked him what to do, he said to get a job at target or jcpenny and pulled up an application online. And made fun of a lot of other traders and told them they could be Santa or his helpers at Macy’s. I don’t mind if I made a mistake and you tell me to cut your losses in your opinion but the next things are unnecessary and just kills your confidence. May be there are few people that are making money but every time I buy the small cappers with him I ended up losing money. And on top of that he doesn’t even trade anymore and he makes up some arbitrary fills and says he made money and he says to buy 5000 to 10000 shares on these trades. And mark Moses course is piece of garbage. Had to pay $300 for him to tell me to buy a contract with highest volume and open interest.

    He gloats all day about his cars (Ferrari and RR and some vintage car) and the bimbos he dates at the same time. He also shows all his houses he owned in his life and says he has the life. But tells everyone else to go work at jcpenny.

    Would not recommend at all. He give the upside and downside for each call and says it’ll bounce at this level and it never does. It’s just the support line. All he does is he picks the high and low of the premarket and adds 5-10 to that each way and claims he predicted it and if does more than that he says he gave you a gift.

    Oh and he says the market makers are hiding in his room and following his calls. He also claims there are 30 other chat rooms hiding there. I took the yearly and got stuck for the last year and lost complete confidence to trade. He just says oh it’s going up, if you buy and it goes down he says why would ou buy it? Here’s the bottom and it falls another 10 and he says why would you buy it? ACT FAMILY my A$#

    Act family

    You will get wrecked…

    Rated 1.0 out of 5
    December 8, 2021

    I lost 23k of 30k trading options in 4 months and the blame was put on me. Not the flip flop “there it goes, here it comes” based on where the wind blows. He recommended some course from a kid in his room who supposedly started with 3k and plays 20k everyday now. All trash. You will get wrecked listening to him about options. He gives you a heads or tails moved every morning on 12 ideas but doesn’t trade with you. He paper trades it seems like himself and stops after like 10 min max. Rest of the time he spends lounging, giving some pointers. He never wants his mistakes shown & blames bad fills from “market makers in the room”. Laughable.

    He takes a break mid day from working for a little bit and playing all of fintwits popular stocks for that day.

    Then some guy Darkside comes in only to tell you to take his class. After that AJ comes back in. Unless there’s a stock going berserk he has nothing else to help you make any money so if you don’t make money in the first 30 min you are dead. Don’t listen to him about options he’s an idiot, stay away from mark moses nonsense first course. Don’t bow down to his constant begging for you to tweet about him so he can get more subscribers.

    He just knows how to scalp. All swing trades are lies, he never holds it himself. A stock can go from 5 to 20. He’ll trade it for 1pt but then post like he got all 15 points. It’s just a place that promises you riches, you get in and because you don’t know any better you think he’s a magician but he’s not. It’s all b*******.

    Doug Blake

    Teaches us how to understand the market…

    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    December 2, 2021

    AJ’s calls are phenomenal….he is not only an amazing trader he is also a wonderful coach, teacher, and person. I have learned more in the last 6 months than I ever could of imagined. He teaches us how to understand the market so we can trade in a way that makes sense to each of us personally. My only regret is that I didn’t sign up much sooner.

    Bri Edelman

    Don’t waste your time…

    Rated 1.0 out of 5
    December 2, 2021

    Aj is a conman. Do not listen to his attempts to co no once you that he is legit. Check the California Attorney Generals Statements, he has not made a profit since 2018, lost $14mm in 2020 alone. He makes fake accounts on Twitter to rt and like his stuff. Why would you pay $200 a month for his room? Unusualwhales, a flow check self service cost 90% less than that and people are seeing far better returns. Aj is also an a******, people will ask him questions and he will mock them. So much for your $200, don’t waste your time.

    Jake M

    Do not waste your money…

    Rated 1.0 out of 5
    November 9, 2021

    Complete cockwomble, I’ve just cancelled after my first month. I didn’t hear him mention until day 2 that he paper trades. id already subscribed for the month. He talks to people like crap. He uses a sim and doesn’t even show his Pnl. He market orders in and market orders out with the best entries on the entire planet (which he conveniently also doesn’t show) He picks 10 stocks in the morning, basically saying this will go up then go down, or this will go down then go up, then picks 2 or 3 at the end of day and says how brilliant he is. Do not waste your money on this room.

    Mark Tennant


    Rated 1.0 out of 5
    November 7, 2021

    Honestly just awful. Don’t waste your money. This isn’t the place for new traders at all.


    Stay away…

    Rated 1.0 out of 5
    November 1, 2021

    Not the right environment for new day traders. I would stay away. The guy is emotionally unstable and treats people like crap. Will never take responsibility for a bad call and wants to be Leo toasted and Goated everyday on Twatter. He’ll make retarded noises making fun of traders for not taking trades their not comfortable with. On top of that you know he’s a con artist when he refused to talk or put on screen the $BBIG and $DATS runs and said $CEI at .60 was chasing. Many of us in the room missed out on those monster moves because of his pettiness. Tries to act tough but is a Twatter diva, the guy loves his InstaTwat. Kind of funny for a grown man. I’m sure there’s way more people losing money in the room than they’ll admit. I for one made way more money on my own. The guy is erratic and puts off awful vibes to start your morning. Everybody else on Awesome Calls is like able and well mannered.


    Can’t justify paying any money to…

    Rated 1.0 out of 5
    October 1, 2021

    You can definitely make some money in this room, however if you are NOT ok with making people feel like complete crap then don’t join this room. If you do not have thick skin yourself, do not join this room. What this room fails to realize is that not every single member is glued to the room the entire duration of the day – ask a question that’s been asked already get kicked out of the room. I stuck it out for 2 months and I’m not even using the last of my days because the negativity it adds to my day is not worth it. The sad part is, the guy who comes on for 2 hours during lunch is amazing (darkside) and if it were his room I’d continue but I can’t justify paying any money to someone who treats people so poorly.

    Former Act Member

    Google his previous businesses before you sign up…

    Rated 1.0 out of 5
    September 20, 2021

    Absolute con artist. stay away. kisses his own a** the first 30 minutes of the day then takes a break to have a drink. comes back and sends some tweets and looks for twitter GIFs then takes another break!

    total scam artist. also google his previous businesses before you sign up.

    jason marshal

    Should have listened to the comments…

    Rated 1.0 out of 5
    September 13, 2021

    Thankfully I got the weekly trial, this room feels like a pump and dump room. no guidance or technical analysis behind any of the trades. if you ask for assistance, he gives you random stops / targets with no reasoning behind anything. for those who are new traders be careful when considering this chatroom. There is no education or value. I was just surprised when I saw one of the mods call out a short on a stock showing relative strength, I was perplexed. The thing that this room does well in is marketing. On their twitter, they make it seem as if they are godly. I have seen some people follow his trade plans on YouTube, and thing biggest red flag is that they just talk about AJs levels but the traders themselves have no idea why those levels are critical. Are these level PDH,PDL, Daily Pivots? Nope, they have no clue what is going on themselves and they are just betting on AJs notes at all times. Lack of community in this room where there is no general chat and mods copy and paste only the good comments people say. Very bias chat. Trust me, put your money else where. I have been through many chat rooms and this chat room is the biggest scam. AJ does not show how he charts his levels pre market, and does not allow you to ask questions about tickers that are no on his watch list. I should have listened to the comments on this thread earlier but I didn’t and I paid the price for it.


    Wouldn’t recommend it…

    Rated 1.0 out of 5
    September 1, 2021

    I personally wouldn’t recommend it. The only benefit I found was the Premarket Notes. But tbh it’s not much different to looking at pre-market gainers and losers on Webull. He’s incredibly rude, he suspended one person for asking a genuine question. He really put me off trading that day just due to his tone and nature of speaking about people and things. I’m not a basher or Anti group chat. I’d stick with Atlas Trading. It’s free and I believe the people are much more suited to educational means like RocketCatchinBob. They also offer the whole trade idea voice system for free.


    People are losing their entire accounts…

    Rated 1.0 out of 5
    August 19, 2021

    He’s one of the most annoying people to listen to. People are losing their entire accounts in the room. Complains when he loses and then talks greatly about himself when he wins. His lines go both ways so no matter what direction the stock goes, he’s always right. How’s that? If you’re confident, you would say which direction the stock is going to go before the open. He makes most of his money off of membership payments, not trading. Real traders make money off trading, not memberships. Being sued by the state of California. The list goes on and on. Don’t waste your money.

    Sean J

    No complaints at all…

    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    August 19, 2021

    Joined the AwesomeCalls room a month ago. Originally signed up for a day because I was skeptical and concerned it was a pump and dump room…i have since enjoyed a month and just renewed for another month.

    I was blown away by the accuracy of AJs premarket notes and how business is conducted. For each stock, before open, he provides opinions of where he thinks the ticker is headed. Example: “The stock gapped up $5 premarket to $62 – if it breaks $65 it could push another $2, if it drops below $63 it will see a 2 point selloff”.

    No complaints at all from me. I’ve learned everyone learns differently, everyone trades differently, so it might not be for everyone, but it’s legit and it’s helped my trading tremendously.

    David Christianson

    Happy so far…

    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    August 19, 2021

    All the reviews seem to be b******g about his personality which is unique and can be grating to those with thin skin. If you want to learn and don’t want a bunch of b******t stock pumping and mindless chatter then his room is for you. No socializing or talking non stock related subjects. No penny stock BS. Large caps and moves that make money if you are disciplined. I’m quite happy so far. All the people complaining are no doubt the same idiots who will interrupt a lucrative trade discussion on a large cap so they can ask stupid questions about some garbage penny stock they heard about on Reddit. I love hearing him be mean to those morons.

    Shawn Dennison

    Really enjoying it…

    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    August 12, 2021

    I’m a new subscriber and am really enjoying it. The morning notes are very helpful, and he’s usually pretty dead on. It’s really hard not to jump right in and trade right when you start. I’d highly recommend paper trading with his guidance until you can consistently make gains. Only thing that would be better is if he had 2 or 3 other traders who had a similar style to his who had separate morning rooms for longs, shorts, puts and calls based on his morning recommendations. That would probably mean just cloning him. It would also be nice to have a room dedicated to swings. The other traders on Awesome Calls have some great advice too, but have different styles. Oh, and I’m pretty sure all the negative reviews in here are from people who have been burned by him. If you can just have a bit of a tough exterior and make sure to read how he prefers to be questioned beforehand (he does so in his notes) then you’ll be okay. He really does want you to learn and make money, and does a killer job preparing those notes in the morning.

    Kathleen Lucio

    Utter rubbish…

    Rated 1.0 out of 5
    August 9, 2021

    Cannot believe this utter rubbish. Bombastic! Rude! Crude! He doesn’t teach. He boasts and when he loses he blames everyone but himself. Algos, Hedgies… even Nancy Pelosi. He’s a complete clown and utter fraud.

    Samuel D

    Amazingly entertaining…

    Rated 4.0 out of 5
    August 9, 2021

    This room is amazingly entertaining and I have also learned a lot. He uses levels to determine entry and exists. The real value is the morning notes and using those to manage your own trades.

    Where you can loose money is the random jump in and jump out trades that happens but that is:

    a) usually aginst algos

    b) you can hear AJ take the trade and get in and out, so you know he is trading and also if he is loosing money

    There are so many services that are not transparent about their losses. AJ is super transparent. I agree that there are a lot of trades that are for $0.20 pops and that is for the entertainment and people who need to over trade.

    If you follow the morning notes, and go into the day with the plan, you can make a lot of money.

    Bucks in Six

    A+ traders…

    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    August 9, 2021

    AJ along with the Atlas crew are A+ traders. AJ spews out so much helpful info. Anyone telling you other wise have given up and frankly do not know what they are doing.


    Full of pump and dumpers…

    Rated 1.0 out of 5
    July 30, 2021

    Stay away from these people. This guy and the whole Atlas team is full of pump and dumpers. You want to lose money? Go ahead and join then lol

    Edward Constantinescu

    A complete mess…

    Rated 1.0 out of 5
    July 25, 2021

    Please do not waste your hard earned money on this clown. He is extremely emotional, vulgar, loud and annoying. He screams and is so over the place that you cannot focus. He ridicules and humiliates people who ask “dumb” questions on the live sessions, and that happens 90% of the time. I left within 3 days, even though I wanted to leave within the first 10 minutes of joining. It was a complete mess. Please positive reviews on Twitter are so shady. Read these reviews below me, they’re real and I regret so badly ignoring these horrible reviews of AJ and going against my conscience to join. Hundreds of dollars down the gutter. There’s a reason he is in a lawsuit. Guys, please do not make this guy richer and hand him your hard earned money. Don’t go through the pain I went through.

    Regretful Subscriber

    Being sued by state of CA…

    Rated 1.0 out of 5
    July 18, 2021

    Screams and curses you out for asking a question, says don’t ask me money while I’m trading. You’re better off signing up for Atlas discord its FREE. Register for Rocket catch bob on TWITCH its $5 a month. AJ trader is a scammer and being sued by state of CA for scamming people.

    Zack Morris


    Rated 1.0 out of 5
    July 6, 2021

    Total trash. Heard bad things so I joined the room for a day and shorted everything he screamed about and made good money.


    Claims he was right…

    Rated 1.0 out of 5
    July 1, 2021

    Just do it for one day and you will block him in all social media platforms… he gives you multi directions in advance and then claims he was right!!


    Guy is a complete lunatic…

    Rated 1.0 out of 5
    June 30, 2021

    Bought his room for 2 months, guy is a complete lunatic. He gives you notes, and starts the day. He’ll scream some random ticker buy a ton of shares then dump 3 seconds later, the problem is if it goes against him he’ll dump too. dude is a scalper, except not a good one, he just takes random shots, and if he messes up starts crying, and says “market makers bought my room”. No lie, one time he spent 3 hours talking about all the girls he dated. I don’t regret my experience, because that 200 dollars was well worth the comedian that is AJ, seeing him cry and freak out over these trades was too funny, I did end up making $1,900 on one of his calls, except he called it, and he himself didn’t take it because he was scared, so clearly it was just luck. lmfao.


    Stay away…

    Rated 1.0 out of 5
    June 30, 2021

    It’s a scam, stay away.

    That AJ guy sounds like a b**** and all he does is screaming in the room, he can’t teach you anything because he’s just unable to. He lies about his profits and his twitter account is full of fake accounts saying he’s the best. $100 wasted.


    Stay away…

    Rated 1.0 out of 5
    June 10, 2021

    This guy is a liar. He claims he made millions back in 2008, which is a lie. He has been sued for giving legal advice. He claims he has a 90-100% accuracy rating on his calls, well guess what, in his previews he has a call for each stock going up or down, then claims his calls were accurate, total BS. Stay away.


    Not the place for learning…

    Rated 1.0 out of 5
    June 10, 2021

    I think for a beginner this is not the place for learning. I also think it’s difficult to ask questions without feeling humiliated.


    Stay away…

    Rated 1.0 out of 5
    May 16, 2021

    So happy I did 1 day trial with this clown. He keeps saying he is making money but you can’t see his act while he trades. This guy screams and yells like he is getting his prostate massaged while spitting profanity. He is getting sued by state of California too. Stay away from this scammer.

    Mary P

    Not worth it…

    Rated 1.0 out of 5
    May 16, 2021

    Complete drama queen who squeals and screams about market makers being in his room if he loses $100 on a scalp. Yells at people asking questions, just the most annoying shrill voice constantly yelling Woooooo when she scalps a couple pennies with thousands of shares. It’s just a nightmare, not worth it.

    Daily watchlist covers both sides so it’s never wrong. TSLA might go up or down, boom I was right.

    Chris Stenz

    Pump and dumps…

    Rated 1.0 out of 5
    April 21, 2021

    Non stop pump and dumps.


    He won’t last…

    Rated 1.0 out of 5
    April 21, 2021

    This guy is an absolute Lying Sack. He was talking about the nasty Bimbos he was dating and showing in his room but makes sure you know this isn’t a discord talking about BS, a real BH Jack Off. You ask him a question and he humiliates you. He’s also is working multiple fake twitter accounts with less then 30 people in them and self gloating himself. In twitter add him for notifications. You will see all the twitter accounts raving about him, when it’s himself. Then he has this kid @MarkMoses777 who promotes him ,but gets kick backs for taking an option class since he constantly promotes @AjTrader7. He did an interview with PGIR which led me to him and many more, But once i signed up it was in a different story. He wont last.


    I haven’t learned anything…

    Rated 1.0 out of 5
    April 14, 2021

    I haven’t learned anything, this guy goes in with thousands of shares for a $0.50 move and banks. This is scalping, which isn’t mentioned anywhere on the website. He then goes back in hindsight “Look a 5$ move! You could’ve bought options!”

    Yesterday he had brokerage issues and was complaining the whole day trying to get orders filled, as if he isn’t being paid hundreds of dollars per day just to sit there.


    A lot of followers lost 50% of their account…

    Rated 1.0 out of 5
    April 8, 2021

    Do yourself a favor and research before subscribing. there are some very good trading communities with professionals traders -Awesome Calls Trading is NOT one of them. Someone who promises to grow your account from $1K to $100K like Atlas traders, and this AJ guy is part of them, they are not in the business to teach you anything rather get followers on twitter. A lot of followers lost 50% of their account. Stay away from them.


    I have learned so much…

    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    April 5, 2021

    I have been in awesome calls for 6 months now and I have learned so much from Aj. I truly owe him a lot because I’m now the trader I am today because of him. Check out my Twitter @carlos102333. I’m a 19 year old day trader who is making 400-2k a day and a lot of it is because of Aj’s price targets or my knowledge I’ve learned along the way. Join the ACT fam if you’re looking to improve your trading.

    Carlos Q

    Stay away…

    Rated 1.0 out of 5
    April 5, 2021

    This guy is a joke. One of those Atlas trades who has no idea what they are doing except sweet talk and lose money. He has no formal education, nor experience. Stay away.


    Does not teach you anything…

    Rated 1.0 out of 5
    April 2, 2021

    AJ’s chat room does not teach you anything. He goes in with 5,000 shares for 5 seconds for a .10 move. The risk reward is so messed up, you lose more than you ever win. He also gives his Christmas special to everyone so they sign up for the year. It’s March 2021 and did it twice this week. So he can just get $2000. Please don’t join he doesn’t teach you anything.

    Act family

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