Awesome Calls Trading Review: Day Trading Chat Room & Courses

Awesome Calls Trading


Awesome Calls Trading is an online community for active day traders that provides members with private chat room access, live stream screen shares, daily watchlists, stock trading courses, and more.

In this review, we’ll take an in-depth look at everything that ACT members have access to.

Community Details

CreatorAnthony “AJ” Haworth
TypeMembership site
StyleDay trading
IncludedChat room, live stream screen sharing, daily watch lists, video library, day trading courses
MembershipsDaily, weekly, monthly, annual
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    What's Included

    In this section of the review, we’ll do a comprehensive overview of everything that’s included in the Awesome Calls Trading community. In addition to the membership, we’ll also discuss the optional educational courses that are available as an upgrade to the basic ACT membership.

    Private Members-Only Chat Room

    Chat Room

    Awesome Calls Trading is most well-known for its live stream chat room which includes screen shares and market commentary from AJ throughout the trading day. The chat room runs on the Webinato platform (which we’re not particularly fond of) and it features a tabbed design that allows members to toggle back and forth between the screen share view and the notes tab (where AJ’s daily trading plan is posted).

    Additionally, there are tabs for general chat and member questions, where you can post questions for AJ during the day.

    Daily Watch List

    Day Trading Watch List

    Each morning before the opening bell, AJ posts a detailed watch list of stock picks that he has pre-screened and selected to be the top focus for the day. Each ticker includes the catalyst, thoughts on where to enter, and potential move to expect out of the trade. 

    Video Library

    Awesome Calls Trading members also have access to a video library which consists of trade reviews, recorded webinars, and more. Annual members get access to AJ’s premium Secret Sauce videos in addition to the regular catalog.

    Educational Courses (Optional Upgrade)

    Last but not least, Awesome Calls Trading also offers a variety of day trading courses. These videos are not included in the ACT membership and are only accessible via a paid upgrade. The premium video courses are sold separately and include AJ 1-on-1 Strategy Session, AJ Trading the Open Strategy, DarkSide Trader Strategy Session, and Janni Short Selling Strategy.

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    Awesome Calls Trading Membership Pricing

    There are a variety of membership plans offered for the Awesome Calls Trading community. Currently, members have the option of choosing a one day pass ($25), one week pass ($100), monthly access ($197), 6-month access ($997), yearly access ($1,997), or the Ultimate Access 2-year plan ($4,997). Ultimate Access members also receive 8 hours of live, personalized training, live VIP access to AJ, and a live meeting with AJ in Beverly Hills, CA.

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