Bear Bull Traders Review: Inside Andrew Aziz’s Day Trading Community

Bear Bull Traders

What is Bear Bull Traders?

Founded in 2016 by well-known author and day trader, Andrew Aziz, Bear Bull Traders is a popular online community for active day traders that provides members with the educational resources and ongoing support needed to become consistently profitable.

In this Bear Bull Traders review, we’ll take an inside look at everything that members have access to, membership pricing (along with a coupon code for 20% off), the pros and cons, who this community is best for, and more.

Community Details

FounderAndrew Aziz
TypeMembership site
StyleDay trading
IncludedChat room with live voice commentary, video tutorial library, webinars, virtual classroom, 3-month access to DAS Simulator, downloadable resources, trading psychology training
MembershipsMonthly (Basic and Elite), annual
PriceClick Here
Promo CodeUse coupon code TRADINGREVIEWERS20 for 20% off
Review Contents
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    About Andrew Aziz

    Author Andrew Aziz

    A former chemical engineer who left the corporate rat race in search of financial freedom and a better lifestyle, Andrew Aziz is a seasoned day trader who has become one of today’s more well-known trading educators. In addition to being the founder of Bear Bull Traders, Andrew is also a best-selling author (be sure to check out our in-depth How to Day Trade for a Living review).

    What Members Get Access to

    The Bear Bull Traders members’ area is loaded with top-shelf educational resources. In addition to the private chat room, BBT subscribers also enjoy access to a huge library of video tutorials, webinars, trading psychology training, and valuable downloadable resources. Members are well-supported by the community’s crew of helpful moderators, discussion forum, and member meetups, and also included is 3-months of access to the DAS Trader Pro simulator.

    Bear Bull Traders Chat Room

    Bear Bull Traders Chat Room

    The Bear Bull Traders chat room is extremely active with Andrew and the moderators streaming live commentary and real-time screen sharing throughout the day. In addition to the main chat room, there are also designated areas for Spanish discussion, swing and options trading, and trade posting, and there’s even a live stream of Andrew’s Trade Ideas scanner.

    Video Lesson Library

    One of the most valuable resources available in the Bear Bull Traders members’ area, the massive video library can be found under the “Education Center” tab and includes classes on DAS Trader, finding stocks in play, level II, candlesticks, risk management, scanning, setups, options, and more. There are also several recordings of live trading sessions which are extremely helpful when it comes to learning new strategies and skills.


    BBT members also have access to regular webinars that cover a wide variety of topics. The webinars often feature special guests and they are recorded and added to the video library, providing you with access to them whenever needed.

    Here is just a sample of the topics covered in Bear Bull Traders webinars:

    • Journaling
    • Trading psychology
    • Developing your edge
    • Options
    • Analyzing volume and price
    • Moving averages
    • Afterhours trading
    • Risk management
    • Position sizing
    • Trend trading 

    Access to DAS Trader Pro Simulator

    One of the points stressed most heavily to Bear Bull Traders members is the importance of paper trading before going live. Too many new traders jump in from the start, putting their hard-earned capital on the line before having a solid understanding of setups and risk management. Members are encouraged to spend a minimum of 3 months trading with a simulator and included with your membership is 3 months of access to the DAS Trader Pro simulator.

    Mentoring by Experienced Traders


    One of the most important resources available to a trader is mentoring, and Bear Bull Traders members have access to Andrew Aziz as well as the community’s entire crew of experienced moderators. While the webinars, classes, video library, and other resources are great learning tools, having the ability to reach out to a veteran trader for trade reviews or advice is hard to put a price on.

    Member Meetups

    Member Meetups

    Another nice aspect of this community is the regular member meetups that take place. Networking with other traders is a great way to learn and make lifelong friends, and there are community meetups that take place all over the world.

    Training on Trading Psychology

    Trading Psychology Resources

    The Bear Bull Traders community gives you access to performance coaches and licensed psychologists. All members receive in-depth training on the topic of trading psychology, one of the most critical components of becoming a successful trader. The community’s “Psychology Center” has recorded training modules, courses, and webinars on many topics, including:

    • Mental resilience
    • Mindfulness
    • Improving discipline
    • Dealing with FOMO (fear of missing out)
    • Overcoming anxiety and fear
    • Overtrading
    • Maintaining balance
    • Managing stress
    • Achieving consistency

    Downloadable Resources

    Hotkeys Layout

    The Bear Bull Traders members’ area also gives you access to downloadable resources such as DAS Trader layout and hotkey files, scanner settings, trading plan templates, checklists, and more.

    Members-Only Forum

    Stock Trading Forum

    Last but not least, in addition to the members-only chat room, a Bear Bull Traders membership also gives you access to the community’s active discussion forum. There are also designated discussion areas for:

    • Day trading
    • Swing trading
    • Options
    • Forex and currency markets
    • Trading psychology
    • Spanish discussion

    Reader Reviews

    Great community…

    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    March 31, 2023

    They’re a great community with tons of information to learn and you get lots of support and webinars, etc. The key to this, though, is YOU need to put in the effort. It’s not a “do this” and you’ll make a million a day.!! It’s all hard work… long hours and learning by making mistakes. I have “trialed” other communities and they have nowhere near the information these guys provide.


    Canceled me without a word…

    Rated 1.0 out of 5
    January 22, 2023

    It is a scam. The chat is only for people who agree with Andrew Aziz on everything he says. If you disagree he will mute you and then proceed to talk about you, or he will ban you and then proceed to talk about you. When he bans you, you don’t get a refund or a heads up. It is like dealing with a 4 year old.

    How I got banned: I asked if I could stop my auto-renew because I was not going to renew in Feb 2023. This question came 1 week after I had just paid for a month (the month of January). They canceled me without a word and no refund. Extremely shady. I guess if a guy who is valued at 20 million needs that $100 that bad, he can have it.

    I paid for the monthly elite and then the basic after a few months because the elite is just videos of the same guys you see in the mornings giving you the same information.

    Cole Goodland

    Was a big fan of his book…

    Rated 1.0 out of 5
    December 14, 2021

    If you want to earn money in stocks, spend your money in stocks instead of in this useless trading community. I don’t want to share my opinion – you may make your own with this trading tips by Brian Pezim:

    3rd of October 2021: MRNA support is around $340 or if it loses that level $325.

    > 1 month later the stock traded at $236.

    17th of October 2021: PYPL a break above $270 could be a long opportunity.

    -> the stock than closed 2 times above $270 within few days. Now Paypal is traded at $186. Paypal never got that high again. (as of today)

    24th of October 2021: LSPD a pullback to $95 for possible long.

    -> one day later the stock traded at $97.36, on 1st of November at $101.21. The stock fell of to $71.36 on 4th of November. Today (14th of December 2021) the stock is at $42.81. What a good trade it could have been? lol

    The day trading sessions are also worthless. Andrew wrote in his Daytrading book to buy only mid-caps as you cannot win against high frequency trading systems and institutional traders. During his sessions you will notice, that he only trades NVDA, AMD, TSLA and so on …

    Please take a free 7-days trial and you’ll notice that the guys have absolutely no glue of what they are doing. You may also subscribe to the free newsletter to get the useless watchlist.

    I’m really sorry to write this. I was a big fan of his book and the idea of becoming successful in stock market. But active investing is just another type of gambling. It doesn’t matter if you do it like Brian (swing trading) or like Andrew (day trading) … for sake you wont be successful most of the time. You cannot beat the market. You will see that even so-called experts with long-term experience can’t do it. This site only exists because of people who paid a lot of money for premium access. It doesn’t exist because they are so successful. Mind my words when you are trying to beat the market (hopefully with no real money at all).

    Andreas Kummer

    It is a process…

    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    December 2, 2021

    I have been a member for 3 years. I day trade full time now, after having done so part-time for several years, back in the late 1990s-early 2000s. A variety of moderators and resources are available. Anyone who says there is not enough value here should try day trading the dot com bubble on a PC with a mountain chart into basically a black hole. Yeah, that was desktop day trading then!

    If you aren’t a self starter and are just looking for magical answers to “be rich,” keep moving. All that content on the site will put you to work to become a better trader. It is a process, not magic.

    Ms. Wong

    Communication is really bad…

    Rated 1.0 out of 5
    December 2, 2021

    Unfortunately i have give 1 star communication is really bad i sent 4 email 3 to andrew 1 to carlos carlos never get back to me andrew reply 7 days later saying he never see the email sent him an other email still waiting for his reply so sad but really to me


    Overall, I am happy…

    Rated 4.0 out of 5
    September 13, 2021

    Lifetime member for a year now and I’d give them 4.5 stars really. Personally, I’ve only had a few temporary times of having issues with access to the website and slow downloads but I do live near a major city.

    Day trading has many risks and it is very easy to lose money no matter how smart and brilliant you may be. I like Bear Bull Traders because they do emphasize risk management. The chatroom doesn’t say “Hey you have to buy this stock, come on guys get in.” Members will call out stocks and the moderators will look at them or mention what they are trading. BearBullTraders moderators will always tell you to have your own tradebook and make sure it fits the criteria that you use to trade, not theirs. Moreover, they share ideas and patterns that they are seeing, they share their tradebooks for you to build upon, and they really try to educate you. There is so much material to read on your own, but you may have a moderator such as Thor who is really into studying Volume-Price Analysis, you may have another who is really into studying pivot points, and then they try to share that information with you for you to incorporate into your trading if you wish. One of the biggest benefits is they have different lectures on helping you set up DAS and other platforms. One guy, Kyle, is giving lessons on how to use BookMaps, another moderator gave a lesson on how to set up camarilla pivot points, etc. Kyle is the paid tech guy from my understanding, has a regular Monday tech lesson for anyone to ask him questions, and will even help you set up DAS how you want. Such as coding the dynamic stop loss amongst many other things. I’d say its worth it just to learn all about the setups and get help on customizing your own the way that you want.

    On top of that, they really emphasize the psychology of trading and have paid therapist on the staff who give a lecture every Wednesday. Psychology is easy to overlook but I can tell you from my experience, it is the most difficult aspect of trading. Another thing about the moderators, they frequently mention that they hope BearBullTraders is right for you but do encourage you to look around to be certain it is the right fit for the trading style you desire. With all of that being said, they do not allow people to bad mouth other trading communities nor discuss politics. One other thing I like in comparison to discord rooms I’ve been in is that they don’t discuss how much money they are making or losing. Sometimes it is mentioned but mostly the moderators and members discuss their success’s in R’s instead of cash. R’s being the risk to reward that a person is taking on a trade.

    Andrew himself seems like a standup guy from what I can tell, he does trade in the morning from about 9:15 to 10:30. You can usually see him live on youtube trading in the morning. That being said, his trading style doesn’t mesh with mine whereas some of the other moderators are far more beneficial to my learning experience. That doesn’t mean anything against him, it just means that he is comfortable trading in a different manner than I am.

    Overall, I am happy with the education that I have learned from these guys. All of that being said, do not try to copy anyone else’s trades directly and take the time to find a strategy that works for you. Once you do find that strategy that you like, build criteria around it to help make it a continuous success. Best of luck to anyone trading.

    Popular moderators that you can find much of their material on youtube are: Thor, Aiman, Jarad (does the pre-pre-market show), Peter, and Brian. Also, Carlos and Norm do a great job at the pre-market show which is shown on youtube live trading day. Check them out and go from there.


    Helpful community…

    Rated 3.0 out of 5
    July 22, 2021

    It is a helpful community. And the traders are interesting. But there web support leaves much to be desired. They block Linux. When I asked why there server support guy said “attacks” lol. I wish I didn’t pay for a full year but I should have checked to make sure the website was built well before I paid.

    Eric Morris

    Don’t get into this trap…

    Rated 1.0 out of 5
    June 10, 2021

    Led by unprofessionals who have no successful track record. They make you believe that technical analysis may explain short term price fluctuation which contradicts any research on this subject. It’s just another way to market attractive lifestyle to dor-bugs looking for peculiar dung. Get educated on subject and don’t get into this trap.

    Alex P

    If you are a beginner I highly recommend it…

    Rated 4.0 out of 5
    May 25, 2021

    I have been a member of BBT for 4 months. BBT is different than other trading rooms. There are 3 tiers of pricing. $100 per month gets you access to just the chat room. $200 per month gets you access to the chat room, all webinars and recorded education. $1200 per year gets you the $200 option for a full year.

    Once in the chatroom, there are moderators on the mic all day. Some moderators are very good traders. Some are not so good, and it seems as if some of mods are still in the learning process.

    Andrew Aziz, the owner and founder takes the mic at market open along with Brian Pezman. Andrew uses his time on the mic to gamble the money that everyone in the room is paying him. He was the writer of a few trading books and he does not appear to use any strategies outlined in the books he wrote.

    Brian is an excellent trader, the problem though is the moderators have the ability to share their screens. During the time that Brian is on, Andrew is the person sharing his screen. We get to see all of the out of control trades with improper risk management that Andrew takes, while we can only listen to Brian talk about his trades.

    90 minutes after the market open, other moderators start their time on the mic. Some are really boring and unforthcoming with their strategies. Very rarely do the moderators trade after the market open and most provide little educational content.

    There are 2 moderators that are very good and I look forward to their time slots. Aiman and Thor’s hours on the Mic are filled with great content and interaction with the room.

    There are also webinars that take place Monday – Thursday night. The recorded webinars make up the educational content of the website. Different strategies are discussed in detail, as well as the use of the different platforms used by all the moderators. There is also a psychology night, that is extremely useful.

    Comparatively speaking, BBT gives great value for the price. Other trading rooms charge $200 just for the room, then they will charge $1,000 and sometimes up to $10,000 for the educational content.

    BBT is a great value for the money, while not perfect, if you are a beginner I highly recommend it.


    Nice community…

    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    March 12, 2021

    Get you started with trading. Lots of excellent information. Nice community.


    One of the best…

    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    November 22, 2020

    One of the best trading communities online with excellent resources and mentors.


    Best trading community…

    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    November 19, 2020

    Best trading community. I recommend this to all traders !!!

    ADJ ,Andrija Djordjevic

    Can’t access the site…

    Rated 1.0 out of 5
    November 17, 2020

    Price and content seems good. However, I just paid for the lifetime membership and can’t access the site. It was ok last week, but last two days can’t login. When it finally does login, it takes like 3-5 mins to load a single page. They need to do a better job on the server management, else I will need to request for a full refund and go elsewhere.


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    Pricing + Bear Bull Traders Coupon Code

    At the moment, there are three Bear Bull Traders subscription levels offered:

    1. Basic Monthly
    2. Elite Monthly
    3. Elite Annual

    Previously, there was also a lifetime membership package available but that was done away with in early 2021.

    The Basic Monthly plan is currently $99 a month and you can cancel at any time. Included with the monthly package is access to everything in the members’ area except for the weekly webinars and the trading psychology resources.

    The higher-priced Elite Monthly option is $199 per month and includes access to the community’s psychology team, mentorship, and weekly webinars. As with the Basic Monthly package, you can cancel at any time.

    Last but not least, the Bear Bull Traders Elite Annual subscription gives you unrestricted access to everything in the members’ area. This plan expires after 1-year and does not auto-renew.

    Bear Bull Traders Review Video


    At this time, there isn't a free trial available but you can test drive the community for a week with their $39 7-day trial offer.

    No, Andrew's books are not included in the Bear Bull Traders members' area but are available for a very reasonable cost here.

    Pros and Cons

    • Affordable subscription plans
    • An excellent next-step for those who want to go beyond Andrew's books
    • Full library of high-level trading tutorials, classes, etc.
    • Live screen sharing and commentary during market hours
    • Members are well-supported by Andrew and site moderators
    • Helpful community with friendly atmosphere
    • Daily watch lists provided as well as scanner live streams

    Best for?

    Bear Bull Traders is a great community for traders of all experience levels that are looking for a friendly community to call home. Members are well-supported by Andrew and the BBT moderators, and the comprehensive collection of educational resources is outstanding.

    1 thought on “Bear Bull Traders Review: Inside Andrew Aziz’s Day Trading Community”

    1. It used to be great before greed took over, they had very valuable educative videos for free that were included in the paid membership. Now they removed more than 90% of the videos and put videos for sale. It doesn’t make sense you charge members a premium price for membership then you make them pay for videos. You have to understand trading you don’t learn it in one video no matter how good the educator. You have to watch many educators to find what make sense to you or what works for you. If they charge you a $1,000 for a course then it won’t work it’s just money to the garbage.

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