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Timothy Sykes is one of the best traders in the penny stock world (and undoubtedly the most recognized). He’s also a leading educator in the industry with a growing library of DVDs, subscription-based memberships (such as the popular Pennystocking Silver newsletter), and mentoring programs. Due to his popularity and impressive track record, many individuals begin their trading education by purchasing his materials and on this page, we’re going to provide you with a comprehensive overview of Tim’s entire 2020 DVD catalog.

But before we go on to list and summarize each of Tim Sykes’ videos, it’s important to note that whenever you buy any of the following courses, it’ll be delivered in streaming video format — no physical DVDs are shipped to you. The only exception to this is How to Make Millions, which is available in both streaming and physical formats. Needless to say, this is a bit confusing so we wanted to point that out upfront.

In addition to his streaming DVD courses, Timothy Sykes also offers his popular Tim Alerts service, Pennystocking Silver membership, and Millionaire Challenge (click here for details). Lastly, there are memberships available which help you to track your trades and overall profitability, follow other traders, and much more (read our Profitly review).

So now without further ado, let’s jump right in and take a look at each training video featured in Tim Sykes’ 2020 Profit.ly collection…

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    Timothy Sykes DVDs

    Tim Sykes Pennystocking Framework DVD

    Pennystocking Framework

    Timothy Sykes
    In Pennystocking Framework, Tim Sykes lays out his 7-step framework for trading low-priced penny stocks. This popular DVD is good for beginners — check out our Pennystocking Framework review for more details.
    Tim Grittani Trading Tickers DVD

    Trading Tickers

    Tim Grittani
    The most successful student of Tim Sykes to date, Tim Grittani takes you by the hand in Trading Tickers to reveal the system he used to turn $1,500 into $2.7 million. For more info, read our Trading Tickers DVD review.
    Trading Tickers 2

    Trading Tickers 2

    Tim Grittani
    The highly-anticipated sequel to his groundbreaking first course, Trading Tickers 2 provides an updated look at how Tim's strategies have evolved over the years.


    Timothy Sykes
    Featuring 6 hours of trading instruction, Pennystocking is the original guide to consistently profiting from the volatile penny stock market.
    Pennystocking Part Deux DVD

    Pennystocking Part Deux

    Timothy Sykes
    A follow up to Tim Sykes' original Pennystocking DVD, Pennystocking Part Deux places a heavier focus on teaching profitable intraday setups.
    Spikeability DVD


    Timothy Sykes
    Spikeability contains 6 hours of hardcore teaching on how to identify and profit from massive 100%-500% gainers (commonly referred to as supernovas).

    Trader Checklist Part Deux

    Timothy Sykes
    A follow up to the original Trader Checklist training DVD, Trader Checklist Part Deux steps things up a notch with 9 additional hours of educational material.
    Quant Trading 101 DVD

    Quant Trading 101

    Timothy Sykes
    In Quant Trading 101, you'll learn how to form qualitative opinions through the use of quantitative analysis. This is the course for you if data management is a weak spot.
    Tim Sykes How to Make Millions DVDs

    How to Make Millions

    Timothy Sykes
    How to Make Millions is a 35-hour penny stock trading course that provides a solid foundation of the fundamentals necessary to be a successful trader.
    TimRaw DVD


    Timothy Sykes
    TimRaw is a 12-hour overview of Tim Sykes' penny stock trading strategies and it provides a good place for new traders to begin their learning.
    TIMfundamentals Part Deux DVD

    TIMfundamentals Part Deux

    Timothy Sykes
    In TIMfundamentals Part Deux, you'll learn about the fundamental processes necessary for becoming a profitable trader. Learn about watchlists, research, and more.
    Learn Level 2 DVD

    Learn Level 2

    Timothy Sykes
    Learn Level 2 is a 6-hour DVD set that teaches you how to improve your trading through the use of level 2 quotes. Great for improving entries/exits.
    Shortstocking DVD


    Timothy Sykes
    Shortstocking is a 4-disc, 6-hour training guide on selling stocks short. Shorting can be one of the most profitable strategies, yet it's the least understood.
    TimTactics DVD


    Timothy Sykes
    TimTactics includes more than 8 hours of teaching from Tim Sykes detailing 43 little-known tricks he's discovered for profiting from low-priced OTC stocks.
    Read SEC Filings DVD

    Read SEC Filings

    Michael Goode
    Not the most exciting instructional DVD but one that can have a massive impact on your overall profitability, Read SEC Filings by Michael Goode will teach you how to analyze SEC filings.

    Trading Around Equilibrium

    Matthew Owens
    Trading Around Equilibrium contains 20 hours of teaching on how to rake in huge profits trading both options and equities.
    SchoolTrader DVD


    Connor Bruggemann
    In School Trader, high school student Connor Bruggemann reveals how he trades stocks from school using nothing more than an iPhone and two mobile apps.
    Answerstock DVD


    Timothy Sykes
    Answerstock includes 13 hours of footage from the 7th annual Pennystocking Conference. Learn from Tim Sykes, Paul Scolardi, Nathan Michaud, Tim Bohen, etc.
    TIMdicators DVD


    Timothy Sykes
    Featuring more than 15 hours of insider footage from the 6th annual Pennystocking Conference, TIMdicators will teach you proven trading methods from top traders.
    Timline DVD


    Timothy Sykes
    In Timline, you'll receive more than 14 hours of trading instruction from over a dozen traders. Filmed live at the 6th annual Pennystocking Conference.
    New Rules of Pennystocking DVD

    The New Rules of Pennystocking

    Timothy Sykes
    Jam-packed with more than 18 hours of intense training, The New Rules of Pennystocking was filmed live at Tim Sykes' 2010 conference in Las Vegas, NV.
    Trader & Investor Summit DVD

    Trader & Investor Summit

    Timothy Sykes
    Featuring more than 15 hours of trading instruction from the 1st Annual Trader & Investor Summit, Trader & Investor Summit gives you access to a diverse range of top-shelf speakers.
    Trader & Investor Summit 2016 DVD

    Trader & Investor Summit 2016

    Timothy Sykes
    In Trader & Investor Summit 2016, you'll receive 16+ hours of recorded footage from elite daytraders, swing traders, futures traders, and energy traders.
    Trader & Investor Summit 2017 DVD

    Trader & Investor Summit 2017

    Timothy Sykes
    Trader & Investor Summit 2017 features more than 18 hours of intense insights from millionaire traders. This DVD set also includes Q&A and a live trading session.
    Trader & Investor Summit 2018 DVD

    Trader & Investor Summit 2018

    Timothy Sykes
    Trader & Investor Summit 2018 is the latest DVD set in the series and features a wealth of trading instruction, Q&A, and live trading sessions with elite traders.
    The Ultimate Guide to Biotech Stocks DVD

    The Ultimate Guide to Biotech Stocks

    Mike Havrilla & Mark Messier
    A 12-hour instructional guide by Mike Havrilla and Mark Messier, The Ultimate Guide to Biotech Stocks reveals proven strategies for trading biotechs.
    How to Trade Options DVD

    How to Trade Options

    Mark Messier & Tony Pelz
    How to Trade Options is packed full of helpful information for both new and experienced options traders. A very comprehensive set of options DVDs.
    Timothy Sykes Pennystocking Framework Park Deux DVD

    Pennystocking Framework Part Deux

    Timothy Sykes
    In this updated version of Sykes' original framework training, Pennystocking Framework Part Deux reveals the strategies that are most effective today.

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