My Investing Club (MIC) Jumpstart Accelerator Course Review

MIC Jumpstart Accelerator


Packed with nearly 8 hours of high-level content, My Investing Club’s Jumpstart Accelerator DVD lays the necessary foundation for becoming a successful day trader. In this detailed course that’s been designed specifically for new day traders, Joe Kelly covers all of the basics and reveals an easy-to-follow, step-by-step process for becoming a consistently profitable day trader.

This DVD is currently the best day trading course for beginners, and in this Jumpstart Accelerator review, we’ll cover everything that’s included with the course, pricing, pros and cons, and more.

DVD Course Details

CreatorsBao Nguyen, Alex Temiz, Joe Kelly
PublisherMy Investing Club (MIC)
FormatsDigital (streaming DVD video)
Runtime7 hours, 42 minutes
PriceClick Here
Promo CodeNo coupon code currently available
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    About My Investing Club

    Bao Nguyen and Alex Timez

    Founded by industry veteran Bao Nguyen and Alex Temiz in 2018, My Investing Club is an active online day trading community that provides traders with the top-shelf education and support that’s necessary for achieving long-term success. MIC is a friendly and extremely helpful community that provides members a massive library of video tutorials, daily watch lists, chat room, one-on-one mentoring, in-person meetups, DVD courses, and more.

    To learn more about MIC, be sure to read our My Investing Club review and check out this page for exclusive discounts on MIC’s monthly, annual, and lifetime memberships.

    What You'll Learn

    Packed into this course is 7 hours and 42 minutes of high-level trading instruction. Designed specifically with beginners in mind, Jumpstart Accelerator takes the brand new trader from day one and builds a solid foundation that’s focused on a winning process, discipline, and staying consistent.

    In the following sections, we’ll go chapter-by-chapter through the DVD and provide you with a detailed breakdown of everything that’s covered…

    Chapter 1: Day Trading - What is it?

    Basics of Day Trading

    In chapter one, Joe provides a basic introduction to day trading and the reasons why it’s so attractive to many people. He then outlines what you can expect to learn from the course and a bit about MIC’s approach to trading.

    Chapter 2: Stock Terms

    Stock Trading Terms

    Chapter two starts with a discussion of some important trading terms that beginners may not be familiar with. Joe also covers the various types of catalysts, technical vs. fundamental analysis, basic charting, and a few of the technical indicators used by MIC.

    Chapter 3: What is Resistance and Support?

    In the third chapter of Jumpstart Accelerator, you’ll learn all about the topic of resistance and support and why it’s so important to look left on charts. Joe goes through numerous chart examples, explaining exactly what to look for. In this chapter, you’ll also learn about some popular chart setups such as breakouts, breakdowns, trending moves, and reversals. Joe concludes chapter three with an explanation of short squeezes.

    Chapter 4: Stock Splits

    Reverse Split

    Joe covers forward and reverse stock splits in chapter four, explaining the difference between the two and why they matter so much to traders.

    Chapter 5: Sector Hype/Craze

    In chapter five, Joe talks about sector hype and sympathy plays. Some examples he mentions are Bitcoin, shipping companies, cannabis stocks, Ebola, and COVID-19.

    Chapter 6: Edge - What is it?

    Trading Edge

    Trading with an edge is critical for success, and Joe explains why history repeats itself in the stock market and how you can profit from it.

    Chapter 7: MIC's Patterns

    In the seventh chapter of Jumpstart Accelerator, Joe begins to discuss My Investing Club’s primary chart setups. Both long and short setups are explained, and there are additional in-depth tutorial videos on each pattern in the MIC video library.

    Chapter 8: Short Selling

    Joe quickly covers some basics on short selling, including easy-to-borrow/hard-to-borrow (ETB/HTB), locates, fees, and brokers.

    Chapter 9: Brokers, Regulations, and Software

    After going over a list of MIC’s recommended brokers, Joe discusses the pattern day trader rule (PDT) and some helpful workarounds that you can use until building up your account size. Lastly, Joe briefly mentions what he believes to be the best trading platforms.

    Chapter 10: Level 2/Market Depth/Tape Reading

    In this chapter, Joe explains how to read a level 2 window and some basics on tape reading.

    Chapter 11: Market Hours

    Market Hours

    Joe provides an overview of the market hours for stocks, options, and futures. Also discussed in this chapter are the key times of the day for trading and when you should cover positions in anticipation of a reversal.

    Chapter 12: Scanning

    Stock Scanner

    Chapter twelve begins with a short discussion of scanning software, followed by scanning criteria for pre-market and nightly scans. Joe also explains why scanning is so important to the daily process and talks a bit about MIC’s low hanging fruit pattern.

    Chapter 13: MIC Analysis and Research Process

    Research Process

    Next, Joe outlines the MIC research and analysis process, breaking down the most important things to look at as you’re researching potential plays. He discusses things like market cap and float, important chart levels, SEC filings, and red flags. Bao then takes you step-by-step through his process so you can see everything in real-time. Fantasy orders, scaling, and pivot points are also discussed.

    Chapter 14: Frontside vs. Backside

    Being able to properly identify the frontside and backside of a move is a critical skill to develop, and in this chapter, Joe explains how you can tell when a stock has made that transition. Also covered are the MIC patterns that are best for each side of a move.

    Chapter 15: Building a Watchlist

    Building a Watch List

    In this chapter, Joe walks you through his process of building a watch list using and FINVIZ.

    Chapter 16: Live Market Analysis

    In this section of the DVD, Joe provides real-time market commentary as live setups develop. Watching footage of real-time analysis is one of the best ways to learn.

    Chapter 17: Risk Management

    Risk Management

    The most important skill for traders to master is risk management, and in this chapter, Joe discusses several strategies for managing risk and recovering from a red day such as the 3-strike rule, setting max share size, and a max daily loss amount with your broker. Joe also lays out a risk parameter plan that’s designed to work with PDT requirements as well as the most common risk levels for both the short and long side. There’s also a custom risk calculator spreadsheet included with Jumpstart Accelerator that allows you to instantly calculate position size based on your max risk and the trade parameters — definitely a handy resource that’s nice to have.

    Chapter 18: Order Entry

    Order Entry

    In the final chapter of MIC’s Jumpstart Accelerator DVD, Joe walks you through the order entry process and shares a helpful flow chart diagram of the entire research process.

    Reader Reviews

    Learned a lot…

    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    April 21, 2021

    I learned a lot from this!


    The best day trading course currently available for beginners…

    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    July 10, 2020

    The best day trading course currently available for beginners. Joe takes you through the basics before diving into more advanced topics, providing the new trader with a fundamentally sound foundation to build upon.


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    Jumpstart Accelerator normally sells for $1,497, but the course is currently on sale for $997. Alternatively, you can get full access to MIC’s Jumpstart Accelerator DVD by joining the My Investing Club community as an annual or lifetime member (highly recommended — click here for a special discount).

    Jumpstart Accelerator Walkthrough [VIDEO]


    Jumpstart Accelerator is one of the best trading DVDs for beginners and is worth every penny in our opinion. The course is extremely well-organized and Joe Kelly does an excellent job of presenting the information in an easy-to-understand manner. Highly recommended.

    Pros and Cons

    • Packed with nearly 8 hours of high-quality content
    • Very well-organized and easy-to-follow
    • Teaches a system developed by highly-successful, professional day traders
    • Perfect for beginners, covers the basics before moving to more advanced topics
    • Convenient navigation menu allows you to skip to specific topics
    • Reveals detailed processes for research, scanning, building watch lists, etc.
    • Live trade footage provides valuable real-time commentary as setups develop
    • Included risk calculator spreadsheet takes the guesswork out of proper risk management

    Best for?

    MIC’s Jumpstart Accelerator DVD is perfect for the brand new trader who is looking for a proven pathway to trading success. Starting from square one, this course walks beginners through the essential basics before moving on to topics like risk management and MIC’s bread-and-butter chart setups. As mentioned, Jumpstart Accelerator is currently the best day trading course for new traders, and we highly recommend it.

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