How to Create Pre-Market Scans on Trade Ideas [VIDEO]


Trade Ideas Default Pre-Market Scan

Trade Ideas is an incredibly powerful stock scanner that combines speed and the ultimate in flexibility. The Trade Ideas scanner comes pre-loaded with a default pre-market scan that makes it easy to identify big gap ups, gap downs, and big movers before the bell.

To use the Trade Ideas pre-market scanner, you’ll need to click on the “Premarket” button in Trade Idea’s Channel Bar. If the Channel Bar does not appear when opening up the software, simply go to “New” in the menu bar and then click on “Channel Bar”.

After clicking on the “Premarket” icon in the program’s Channel Bar, the default view will load which includes the following windows:

  • Down gappers
  • Up gappers
  • Premarket movers
  • Daily chart
  • 5-minute chart
  • Single stock window

Custom Trade Ideas Pre-Market Scan

Pre-Market Scan on Trade Ideas

Trade Ideas also gives you the ability to easily create your own custom pre-market scans. Whether you’re scanning for penny stocks with unusually high volume or higher-priced names with pre-market momentum, Trade Ideas gives you the flexibility to personalize the scan results to match your trading style.

One of the easiest ways to create a custom pre-market scan with Trade Ideas is to simply load the default pre-market scanner and then customize it with the software’s configuration filters. Simply right-click on the scan area and choose “Configure”. Then, click on the “Window Specific Filters” tab and edit the filters to your liking.

Why You Need a Stock Scanner

If you’re an active trader or are interested in learning how to trade stocks, one of the most important trading tools in your arsenal will be a stock screener. Scanners rapidly sift through thousands of ticker symbols, filtering them according to your individual criteria and returning only the names that match the type of opportunities you’re interested in. A good stock scanner is worth its weight in gold as it will save you time and help you to spot the best setups before many other traders discover them.

Stock screening software usually has three basic components:

  • A database of stocks
  • Variables used to filter the results
  • A search engine that scans, filters, and returns the results

While there are many stock scanners available these days, Trade Ideas remains a favorite among day traders and professionals because of its flexibility and power. If you’re looking for a fast and reliable scanner that will alert you to the best setups, Trade Ideas is the best of the best.


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