BlackBoxStocks Review: Best Stock and Options Scanner for Traders?



A popular platform with active stock and options traders, BlackBoxStocks is a highly-advanced scanner and daily trade alert system that makes it incredibly easy to identify names that are beginning or on the verge of making explosive moves. A browser-based program that’s well-laid out and extremely user-friendly, the BlackBoxStocks stock screener needs to be on your radar if you’re looking for a piece of software that works well from the get-go and doesn’t have a huge learning curve.

With its continuous monitoring of more than 13,000 stock and options, BBS automatically issues actionable trade alerts that are modeled from institutional-grade, high-frequency trading strategies.

In this BlackBoxStocks review, we’ll take a detailed look at this platform and cover everything that’s included with a subscription, how it works, pricing, pros and cons, and why it’s currently one of the best stock screeners available in 2022. BlackBoxStocks makes it incredibly easy to find stocks and options that meet very specific criteria, and in the following sections, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about this powerful software.

Platform Details

FoundersGust Kepler, Eric Pharis, David Kyle
IncludedStock and options screener, alerts, charts, real-time quotes, watch lists, chat room, social media feeds, news feed, webinars
SubscriptionsMonthly, annual
PriceClick here
Coupon CodeClick special link above and get $20 off your first month
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    About BlackBoxStocks

    Headquartered in Dallas, TX, BlackBoxStocks was officially launched in 2016 by founders Gust Kepler, Eric Pharis, and David Kyle. Since then, the platform has developed into one of the best scanning and alert systems for active traders and it continues to get better with regularly-added features and improvements. Today, the Black Box Stocks community features thousands of traders who depend on this stock and options trading software to help identify the best setups and opportunities.

    What's Included

    After signing up for BlackBoxStocks, you’ll be provided with the ability to login to the members’ area. If you don’t already have an account at Discord (free), you’ll also need to sign up there and send a message to the BBS moderator for access to the private chat room.

    In the following sections, we’ll take a detailed look at everything that’s included with a Black Box Stocks subscription…

    Stock and Options Screener

    The primary part of BlackBox Stocks’ trading system is the stock screening technology that actively monitors the NASDAQ, NYSE, and AMEX for the best daily trade ideas and opportunities.

    Multiple times per second, BBS’ stock and options scanner constantly scans the markets, analyzing more than 8,000 stocks and approximately 900,000 options contracts. Using proprietary algorithms that are similar to the ones used in HFT (high-frequency trading) systems, Black Box Stocks’ screener provides retail traders with an edge that’s typically been reserved for hedge funds and large institutions.

    There are built-in market scanners for both stocks and options (pre-market and post-market scanners are also included), and the platform gives you the ability to personalize the scan results using easily customized filters.

    For stock trading, you can limit the results to certain exchanges and prices. If you’re trading options, the options flow filters give you an even greater ability to customize the results, allowing you to focus on specific sectors, security type (stocks or ETFs), dark pool transactions, the day’s most active calls and puts, and more. This functionality is very helpful when it comes to building a daily watch list, giving you the ability to narrow things down to the very best trading opportunities.


    Trade Alerts

    Black Box Stocks’ lightning-fast stocks and options alerts keep you constantly informed whenever new trading opportunities are setting up. In addition to alerts for the day’s top 10 gainers, BBS’ Alert Log service instantly notifies you when the criteria is met for the following alerts:

    • Pre-Market Alert – This alert is reserved for pre-market trading activity and is triggered whenever specific volume and price action criteria are met.
    • Volume Active Alert – Unlike the pre-market alert, this notification is generated only during regular market hours and also requires a stock to be in an uptrend.
    • Price Spike Alert – Whenever there’s a significant price advance within a short time frame, a BBS Price Spike Alert is issued.
    • Retracement Alert – This alert is triggered whenever a previous big mover has retraced to a low-risk entry point, providing you with an opportunity to profit from the next leg up.
    • Rapid Decline Alert – This alert notifies you whenever there’s a stock that is down significantly from the prior day’s close.
    • Usual Suspect Alert – This is another pre-market alert that notifies you when there are stocks that have repeating patterns of large intraday moves.

    The Alert Log has an audio and visual alert feature that can be enabled or disabled with a convenient toggle switch, and the software gives you the ability to sort the trade alerts by time, volatility, and % change.

    Also integrated into the dashboard is the handy Volatility Indicator, which provides you with a visual display of a stock’s volatility using an easy-to-read gauge.


    Built-in to the dashboard of Black Box Stocks is a charting panel that instantly loads charts whenever you click on a particular ticker. The charts produced by the software are very nice looking and included are a large number of indicators, markup tools, time frames, and customization options.

    While it’s not a replacement for our favorite technical analysis platform, TrendSpider, the chart feature built-in to Black Box Stocks’ user dashboard is a really nice add-on that makes it easy to do some quick TA whenever you’re alerted to new trading ideas.

    Real-time Quotes

    Real-time Quotes

    As you’d expect, the Black Box Stocks system includes real-time quotes. While Level II is not available, you’ll be able to pull real-time data for the bid, ask, volume, and last trade.

    Members-only Chat Room

    A BBS membership also includes access to the community’s private, members-only chat room. Hosted on Discord, the Black Box Stocks chatroom is well-organized and a great resource when it comes to trading education.

    Aside from the main chat area, there are also individual moderator rooms that alert members to trades they’re taking, darkpool discussion rooms, and more. There’s also a red/green check room to monitor users’ daily progress and an area to post charts.

    The chat room moderators are super helpful and go out of their way to assist a member whenever questions arise. The chat room and the team of mods are a huge value-add to the platform, providing members with a fun and friendly trading community to plug into and learn from.

    In addition to the Discord server, there’s also a chat window integrated right into the platform’s dashboard that gives you access to the main chat area, the live OptionsAudio channel with an audio broadcasting feature, and a mod channel.

    Social Media Feed

    Another useful feature of this software is the social media stream that’s automatically displayed whenever a ticker is clicked. Black Box Stocks gives you StockTwits updates for a symbol, providing you with additional information to filter through during the trading day.

    News Feed

    Also integrated into the platform is a live newsfeed (similar to Benzinga) that provides you with breaking news, options flow notifications, and more. As with all of the other data panels, the news feed area automatically displays information for a name when a ticker is clicked.

    Live Audio Broadcasting

    Trading Audio Broadcast

    Another neat feature of Black Box Stocks is the platform’s live audio broadcasting functionality. When enabled, it gives you the ability to listen to live market commentary from moderators. This is especially helpful for new traders as the mods explain what trades they’re looking at and why.

    Webinars and Video Tutorials

    Located in the top navigation area is a link to the members’ education area. From there, users can access the Black Box Stocks FAQ database and webinar calendar. Subscribers have access to an impressive amount of training webinars and there are live calls scheduled for every weekday on the calendar.

    Here’s a partial list of the live training events that members can take advantage of each week:

    • Black Box Stocks Quick Start
    • Black Box Stocks Orientation
    • Q&A in the Discord Server
    • BlackBox Bootcamp – Stock & Options Basics
    • Understanding Options Flow
    • Trading with Charlie (live stream during market hours)
    • Boot Camp – BBS Trading System

    Top-shelf Support

    Trader Support

    Whether you’re new to trading stocks or have years of experience, you’ll feel right at home in this community. There’s a wealth of resources available that are designed to help traders, and someone is always ready and willing to answer your questions, explain a strategy, or help out in whatever way needed. There are a number of very experienced traders in this community, and the knowledge that they share is extremely valuable.

    Black Box Stocks is far more than just a software platform that scans stocks and issues signals. It’s a community environment where people are genuinely interested in your success and development as a trader.

    Reader Reviews

    The real deal…

    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    June 30, 2021

    GET IT NOW their system is the real deal.


    An easy-to-use stock and options scanner…

    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    June 17, 2020

    An easy-to-use stock and options scanner that produces timely trade alerts you can profit from. When you factor in the top-shelf support and affordable subscription plans, this value-packed platform is a no-brainer.


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    Currently, there are two Black Box Stocks subscription plans to choose from:

    1. Monthly ($99.97)
    2. Annual ($959)

    Both subscriptions give you full access to the platform and all available resources. The only difference between the two options is the additional discount offered in return for purchasing the yearly plan.

    BlackBoxStocks Coupon Code

    While the company doesn’t have any promo codes available at the moment, there is a special promotion running that will give you $20 off your first month of BlackBoxStocks. In order to take advantage of this special offer, just click here and the discount will automatically be applied to your order when checking out.

    A Look at the BBS Dashboard [VIDEO]



    There are two membership levels currently available: a monthly plan for $99.97, and an annual plan for $959. New subscribers can use our special sign up link to receive a $20 discount off of the first month ($79.97).

    Yes, Black Box Stocks offers good value and is extremely well-supported.

    While there are other automated scanners on the market that offer additional functionality, nothing is as straight-forward and easy-to-use in our experience as BBS. This trading tool is very well-thought out and incredibly effective when it comes to providing the best trade ideas.

    BlackBoxStocks occasionally offers a free trial to its platform on a first-come, first-served basis.

    BlackBoxStocks was founded in 2016 by Eric Pharis, David Kyle, and Gust Kepler. The Dallas, TX-based company is no longer privately-held, having gone public on November 10, 2021 (NASDAQ:BLBX).

    Previously, the company had a private Twitter feed for subscribers where it provided stock trade alerts. Now, BlackBoxStocks provides a full-featured mobile app (available for both iOS and Android) that offers nearly everything available with the desktop app, including configurable push notifications.

    Pros and Cons

    • BlackBoxStocks offers a great variety of trading tools for both stock and options traders
    • Easy-to-use, user-friendly platform
    • Browser-based, works with any operating system
    • Scanner provides never-ending flow of great trade ideas for both options and stocks
    • Helpful community of traders with a family environment
    • Daily webinars by top traders teach BBS users valuable trading skills
    • Active chat room with experienced traders
    • Real-time quotes and news feed (with no additional data fees)
    • Affordably priced, great value
    • BlackBoxStocks also offers top-notch, A+ customer support
    • BBS' tools are a nice compliment to stock and options trading platforms

    Best for?

    Black Box Stocks is ideal for active stock and options traders of all experience levels who want a top-shelf scanner that combines highly-advanced algos with blazing fast speed. The included educational resources really help you get the most out of the software and you can leverage the hands-on support provided by the company’s experienced staff to learn new trading strategies. Whether you’re an options trader or prefer to trade the underlying stock, we’re certain BBS is a platform that’ll quickly become a valuable addition to your arsenal of trading tools.

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